OMAD Diet: Does Fasting for Weight Loss Put Too Much Stress on Your Body?

OMAD Diet: Does Fasting for Weight Loss Put Too Much Stress on Your Body?
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Cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn is skeptical of the OMAD diet while nephrologist Dr. Jason Fung does think it’s beneficial to your health. They are joined by integrative medicine dietician Robin Foroutan who shares there are some real downsides to a restricted eating window, especially in women who are already stressed. Does the OMAD diet put too much stress on your body?

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How and why intermittent fasting works – world expert Dr Jason Fung

The ubiquity of fad diets is a staple of modern society. As is the inevitable realisation regarding their ineffectiveness. An unfortunate consequence of this cycle is that scientifically supported diets, such as intermittent fasting, are often discarded as yet another fad. To distil the essence of intermittent fasting, BizNews spoke to Dr Jason Fung, a Toronto-based nephrologist and a world-leading expert in intermittent fasting and low-carb diets. Dr Fung, often called the founder of intermittent fasting, explained the science behind it, the ‘why’ and ‘how’ it works, in a manner accessible to the layman.

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  1. Anne Webster

    Dr Fung is the doctor who knows more about fasting and his patients who do his way are the evidence. Dr Fung has helped change my life. Thanku Dr Fung xox

  2. Meghna Srivastava

    He's right. I'm battling bulimia nervosa after getting into a toxic cycle of fasting, binging later developed purging and other coping mechanism due to excesive stress and shame

  3. Sabastian Swika-Post

    Am I going to weigh out every ounce of food and put them in in little tiny compartmentalized containers for the rest of my life? Probably not.

  4. mike basillo

    I just started doing OMAD after trying 14, 16, 18, 20 IF. Seriously Wanted to take out extra fats through OMAD within a month or 3. In just 4 days now I feel the difference im not stressed at all but at the end of working hours I do still go for walking an hour every night.

  5. D'Santos Inspiration Media

    It’s funny how ridiculous Americans are thinking that eating three times a day is normal, most cultures even my mom when she was a child they were eating once a day and everything was fine

  6. Biblical Synopsis Chapter Wise

    OMAD is the best diet and it is sustainable …… I have been doing it and it superbly healthy…… Dr Fung hits the nail on its head with the point he made that was perfect

  7. kulla Ong

    omad doesnt stress me, this robin does

  8. Larry Benoit

    Eating 3 meals a day was fine when you were a kid, but as we age we use less and less calories and start turning our food to fat. Eating less as we age only makes sense.

  9. Rsn

    I hab ibs and OMAD helped me greatly.. and yes…I came upon a video from Dr. Fung

  10. RyanT

    Doctor insecure after hes hit the gene lottery cant imagine two things. First, those of us with greedy fat cells will never metabolize like him – and two, as a doctor he should no that all hormone levels change. A sesson of fasting is natural as is a season of over eating. Its only been a 100 years since we can all eat similar food year round

  11. Ruth Steiner

    It's weird that the 'personal trainer' has concerns about an eating disorder where people eat only 1 meal per day while the fitness industry seems to have no issues to promote constant eating every 2-4 hours e.g. for bodybuilders. But there he seems to have no issues when people constantly eat🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ Makes no sense…

  12. Black Pearl

    Starting my OMAD tomorrow and i’m scared i won’t stay consistent but i’ll try it out. Wish me luck guys😭🫶🏽

  13. Markia Maye

    Doesn't make sense why they are so focused on the sustainability of fasting…..

  14. Chay Burke

    This fixed my bing eating disorder. So not ad for all people who have eating disorders

  15. Poncho Palito

    I only do have one life, and I live once so why limit myself especially on food. There's so many delicious food in the world we should all be grateful. Even we take care of our body we still gonna die I'd rather eat whatever I want than trying those things and still die. It doesn't make any sense.💯👍

  16. DreamingCatStudio

    Dr. Fung all the way. Neither of the other two have data backing up their speculations.

  17. Lashlan Alfred Hemachandra

    The Dr's are too mainstream and set in there old ways…Dr Fung has probably helped cure 10× more people than these Dr's have.

  18. Essentialman

    These networks are owned by big pharm….fasting not in there best interest.

  19. Mr. Wing

    Remember guys doctors and the health care industry doesn’t make off of people fasting and cutting sugar…they make money of off you using drugs and staying sick …also eating disorders are a mental health issue not a metabolic one

  20. I am confused lol

    Seems like this diet is great only for unhealthy obese people. In Japan these things are not needed. Just a healthy diet is enough.

  21. Patricia Walter

    My name is Patricia Walter I have type2 Dieabete I want to reverse my Dieabete I need to come off these medications they are making me so sick I live in New Yorkhow can I get to join your program

  22. RB

    Unfortunately intermittent fasting is a failure for me……due to gas or something I don't know my belly is growing big…. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  23. Rob S

    My father is 68 and very, very significantly overweight, to the point of physical impairment. He has type 2 diabetes, and has just come back from hospital where he had to go on drainage due to infection and fluid build up internally and also suspected appendicitis. He would benefit immensely from intermittent fasting, but I just can't convince him. And whenever I rasie the topic no matter how politely he and his wife get angry or bitter at me. It's so sad to have to watch someone drift away when there are things they could do. His doctor has now put him on insulin injections and a permanent blood sugar monitor.

  24. Fluffing Fluff

    WOW, Dr. Jason Fung, a super star! Thanks for the interview

  25. Aaron Hunter

    My daughter has PCOS which I understand relates to insulin resistance. She has been doing intermittent fasting 18/6 for 4 weeks now and hasn’t noticed any difference in her weight. Does she just need to wait longer? She’s only a teenager ..19~ life just isn’t fair! Thanks for your advice

  26. Siegbert85

    Afaik, the body will eventually reduce the BMR just as a result of being lighter. It doesn't matter by what mechanism you achieve that lighter weight.

  27. hoover grant

    Sorry she is a weak interviewer, she has not read enough and her questions are NOT informed this is not a good interview!

  28. Rau Patil

    FABRY DISEASE,CAN LONG FASTING HELP…. listening from India.

  29. engin

    Diabetes treatment was criminal and still is criminal. Drug companies, food industry and medical fraternity, in conspiracy against humanity, have promoted diabetes treatment without taking the root cause into consideration of the disease. .I was one of the victim and I know personally a few victim, personally who died with suffering. I have rescue myself, Start with not to trusting the whole system, I looked for books, which can give me a guide. And I found it and cured myself; guess what Doctors tolled me; you did not have diabetes, they could not except, that diabetes can be cured with the diet. I waste a few years during finding my way out, so during the years bad treatment, means neglect, I developed peripheral neuropathy that I am still suffering!

  30. Albert Farias

    Dr AWSOME CONTENT AWSOME 👌thanks for all your help intermittent fasting got me off insulin and intermittent in the last three months I've lost over 30 pds AWSOME CONTENT AWSOME 😀😊😎 omg 👍thanks if everyone can doit AWSOME honolulu hawaii big thanks 😊

  31. Craig and Lea Aho

    Is lemon water okay or not? I've seen mixed reviews.

  32. Whatthe Samhill

    103 lbs down/13 mos/Painless
    Thank You Fung!

  33. Barbara Hoyle

    Diagnosed with 60% renal function after 5 UTI in 7 months. Same antibiotics prescribed for each UTI and it chronically returns. Spikes BP strikes kidneys. My sugar level is OK, local Nephrologist said lower salt, sodium, protein. Did not suggest fasting. How do I increase renal function?

  34. V H

    He is a great Dr. Love everything he talks about and it works. Thank you.

  35. Emilie Cloutier

    Thank you for this excellent and short interview 🙂

  36. Jessica Johnson

    Thank you for this interview with Dr. Fung! I discovered his videos about a year and a half ago and they changed my life. I've lost over 150 lbs., I'm off my blood pressure meds, my osteoarthritis pain is so much better and my asthma is gone. His book The Obesity Code is an excellent explanation about why we get fat and how the language of the body is hormones, not calories. I learned how to fast and was able to lose weight and not feel deprived and hungry. Thank you Dr Fung for all you do 😊🙏

  37. matt curley

    Can I fast for 48 hours for the rest of my life? Do this consistently? Any thoughts

  38. Linda Ferreira

    Excellent interview, Nadya. It deserves to be shared over and over again. Thank you Dr Fung remains a favourite source of information on diet and nutrition.

  39. daylight5500

    Thank you for finding all these interesting and informative specialists.

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