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We add an IMPOSTER Foot ROLE in Among Us

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Foot Anatomy Animated Tutorial

In this episode of eOrthopodTV, orthopaedic surgeon Randale C. Sechrest, MD narrates an animated tutorial of the anatomy of the foot.
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  1. Ethyn Pufhal

    I had a dream that I said I hated you but I don’t and I’m not going to unsubscribe from you I don’t know why I said that it so relistic

  2. Rayaan Albertyn

    mod idea a pan and pot mod inposter is a pan can hit pot and fry pot. pot canheal each other with hot watr

  3. Viola Wood

    Make us a everything mods with your the Imposter you can transform into every imposter that you've done in the Moc and same with the prune mate

  4. Viola Wood

    Do you realize that it's impossible to kick the lightbulb in and make it blue

  5. Vihasini Jeyasuthan

    make sad mode or
    yeah i dont know why or but just make a sad mode of something

  6. Luna

    Do a banana mod! A fruit mod! And a vegetable mod!

  7. Luna

    Do an art mod! An Encanto mod! A ninja mod! A super hero mod! A granny vs grandpa mod! And a nursery mod!

  8. Luis Lupian

    The human mod humans kidnap you and you are a kid with a human is trying to kidnap you

  9. Jessica N

    I have a mod suggestion: The pickle mod. THERE IS A DILL PICKLE AMONG US!! DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!!!

  10. T0xic p£rson

    its not a Mistake its a master piece

  11. The Ekiz Biz

    How about a Legend of Zelda mod?

  12. james winks

    Thanks. I recently fractured my calcaneus and this is the best anatomincsl explanation I have found

  13. mys lenka

    Thank you very much. Very useful video. Job well done.

  14. Faizul Islam

    The decorous seat pragmatically worry because trade psychologically spell despite a endurable wash. overconfident, lamentable weather

  15. Tools N Skills

    I got here because my son named sean suddenly got a pain on his feet. But he can't explain it well.


    Inversion ankle sprains are one of the most frequent orthopedic diseases, and in as many as 72 percent of cases, they can result in long-term problems such as pain, stiffness, and gait irregularities. Furthermore, approximately 80% of people who sprain their ankle are likely to re-injure themselves.

    Although a number of studies have shown that exercise can help rehabilitate ankle sprains, experts have questioned whether adding manual treatment can improve results.

  17. Rob Newman

    Wiggling your toes keeps the blood flowing.

  18. Jeremy Bellusci

    this video changed my life

  19. Martha Reyes

    What is the reason , other than hereditary, for flat arches?

  20. Ches Catur

    Thanks doc for the explanation. Very enlightening. Doc, a few months ago I had an accident and the abductor hallucis muscle was severed and was not immediately reattached. If I may ask, Can a tendon that has been cut off for months be reattached?

  21. Raj Singh Official

    I am an engineering student why am i watching this.. Damn.

  22. lola

    Wow! amazing.. very concise and very clear. Thank you so much.

  23. Roberto Dejesus

    Oustanding video, thank you

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