New King of Multi Grip Bars? RepFitness Cambered Swiss Bar Review

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Is this the new king of multi grip bars? Today we’re checking out the Rep Fitness Cambered Swiss bar and comparing it to a few other cambered and swiss bars. Rep has definitely created a new barbell for your to consider but is it an upgrade to the other budget bars and can it compete with the king of bench press bars?

With 3 sets of knurled handles, a camber, chrome sleeves, and the ability to hook it up to a functional trainer this bar can be used in a lot of ways but in this video we’re going to see just how well it actually performs.

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0:00 Introduction
1:49 Why Use Multi Grip & Cambered Bars
4:18 Barbell Specs
8:15 Packaging & Shipping
8:45 Alternatives to this Bar

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  1. Gluck's Gym

    If you've got any questions ask them here! I really pushed hard to get this out as soon as possible so hopefully I didn't miss much.

  2. Ryan Badeau

    What is that black and gold bar that every YouTube reviewer has on their wall? Looks pretty cool.

  3. Dan Ski

    In the market for a cambered bar. Used the regular (straight) one today for bench and rows and it was fantastic!

    Would this one be the better bet? Just want my bench to go up and build my lats/rhomboids

  4. marco lopez

    If understood right this type of bar/camber can cause wrist issues? Will the titan without camber will be better? I have elbow tendinitis and shoulder pain so looking at one of this bars for home gym just don't know whichone to buy??
    I will be using it with my roze 3.1 rack

  5. Curtis Mitchell

    Gluck – which somewhat budget swiss bar would you get if it was just for benching? Thanks!

  6. MDJAK

    Fabulous couple. What I like about it better than Kabuki is the sharp edge on Kabuki. I always worry I’m going to bust my chin open.

  7. raf ped

    great review video . how good is it at tenderizing the chicken ?

  8. Greg Hamilton

    This bar makes no sense, only outside grips provide a camber. It’s just a multigrip. No extra ROM

  9. Reconstruction Would Have Saved America

    It is a good bar but the grip spacing is way too narrow in my opinion. It forces you into a shoulders tucked, arms at 90 degrees medium grip bench press.

    This is great for protecting the shoulders, but not so good for overall pectoral growth in my opinion. I have to use a wide grip(hands 30" apart) for my chest to grow. The widest grip on this bar I believe is 26" apart. This would be good for lifters with smaller frames. But not good for lifters with larger frames and those with long arms who have to grip wide for maximum pectoral growth.

  10. VintageWeightsPGH

    I've been debating cambered multi grip for a bit, and I'm very interested in Rep's. I'll be curious to see what you have to say about Rogue's multi grip bar (multi grips available at additional cost 😂). Great work on this one!

  11. Major Gear

    Are there any versions of this where you can remove the part the weights go on and attach to a cable machine for pull downs?

  12. Shay Allday

    So scripted, wish it felt more natural but thanks for the facts

  13. Craig Allen

    I was looking at the Edge Slim Football Bar before this was released. I'm leaning now towards the REP Cambered Swiss bar….

  14. John Westbrook

    I seriously laughed at the tenderizing the chicken with the bar, it was just so damn random lol. Great review!

  15. P P

    thank you for your work, another real review

  16. Nick Y

    Oh the intro is a hard look in the mirror 🤣🤣😭😭

  17. Ted

    Can you bench with an arch with this without it wobbling when it hits your chest? I have that problem with the kadillac bar despite only having a moderate arch. The kadillac bar has a flat edge so it can’t hit my chest flush so it wobbles but since this rep bar has a rounded frame, maybe it won’t wobble.

  18. Baby Giant Barbell

    Most impressive feature: it fits in a REP rack. I love the chrome sleeves also.

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