1. e i

    Never shame he smith machine… it should be used for certain movements for lower body… note most olympia pros use smith machines in some part of there workout.. so it they are not to advanced neither are you ….

  2. Jennifer Andrea

    Are classes like the dance classes included in your membership or is it an additional cost?

  3. agirlwholikesbooks

    I wish they had LA Fitness Signature Club or Lifetime Fitness in my area

  4. LiberalsAreTrash

    You like Jeeps? That's awesome, Jeeps are a lot of fun…I own 2 of em, a 1949 Cj2a that is nothin but Ford horsepower, and Ive got a smooth 85 Cj7 that's clean…

  5. Michellewalker000

    This video made me so dizzy

  6. KingGloSteve

    U gotta be from the hood that sexy ratchet voice 🥲😍

  7. Matthew McLeod

    I thought you fat at the beginning of this video the way you were talking before I saw that Body Ody Ody

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