Navy SEAL Workout Series (2 of 3): Basic 101

Navy SEAL Workout Series (2 of 3): Basic 101
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Navy SEAL Workout Series (2 of 3): Basic 101

While Navy Seals uses some of the most advance weapons systems around they rely on something as simple as a rope to get them to where they need to go.
Rope? Yes. Now start climbing.
No matter if you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior,
Take your work out to the next level.
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In a previous video, “Coch” and Dorr talked about the evolution of operational, tactical boots. In this video, they talk about all of the rifle slings they’ve used during their careers.

Single-point, two-point, and three-point rifle slings…”Coch” and Dorr talked about them all.

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  1. ferawati juni

    Good attitude make your dream come true. Thank you for you teaching me. Always success for you friend.

  2. Joshua M. Perez

    Gonna do this in quarantine

  3. mistertrucker

    He sure does make that look easy to do.

  4. Alex Paz

    Psh mike tysons work outs are tougher.

  5. charld8

    Hey, I just saw your comment, it's been 5 years now, how's it going…?

  6. Avichal Singh

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  7. Aaron Gabriel

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  9. sara maharjan

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  10. Rohit Shahi

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  11. Joel H

    I nearly puked after finishing this

  12. anthony zambrano

    Dude I fucken saw this guy on socom navy seals when he was younger ! Omg I remebered his face lmfao! Dame that's cool he's cool 🙂

  13. stanleygqm

    i dont know if i should say this… but all that global warming is caused from my body warming up.

  14. Airpig

    Everybody! Chuck Norris's screen name is uzack3! we found you! What's up Chuck?

  15. selurdeerbetah92

    wow tried doin this workout….you dont realize how weak you get after a while…i used to lay down like 40 or 50 pushups in a min back in highschool now i can barely do like 20 😛

  16. MrPioneer1000

    2 Questions:
    a) What diameter rope are you using in this video (2")?
    b) I have a 3/4" manilla hemp rope that I put up in a tree in the back yard and the rope keeps slipping through my feet. Is this because it is really too thin or I am missing something with the lock technique??

  17. thepurevandal

    you do the full range of motion.

  18. Askdjf laksdjf

    The Seal pullup means you don't go down all the way?

  19. John Bernard

    i dont see the difference between the seal pullups and the regular pullups?

  20. hendrix923

    i wish I could put bfg on everything but for range stuff or things I dont use much I get STI 2 point slings. theyve held up really well, have the adjustable tab, strong and a lot better than the entry slings from most other companies, only 25 dollars as well.

  21. Two Owls

    keep the great content coming guys. love seeing the evolution of gear as well as the "made something that would work" side!

  22. craig leach

    No mention of the Chalker sling?

  23. Don Carlos Henderson

    Coch always reminds me of my Uncle David, Brigade CSM, U.S. Army 82nd Airborne (Ret) Same era of 💪😎👊

  24. Edwin Dude

    I used to post or take bags of our Brit slings over to VB for the lads. Quite a few liked them.

  25. R Mmm

    Hilarious how obsessed people are with SEAL teams. There are so many special forces in every branch and it’s always about the seals. Off the top of my head I can think of 2 in the Air Force that are better trained and competent then the SEALS. TACP and Pararescue. But I guess if seals keep making movies and writing books the public will be enamored with them

  26. Wickwire9

    Have you guys ever seen the Mamba Sling!? I loved it in Iraq !

  27. Boomer Taylor

    I started running Magpul MS1s with H&K hooks, it has a "fast buckle" like the Blue Force tactical, I added my own tab to it so it looks like everyone else but it's solid gear for about $20 cheaper than the BF. Paying for what's good when there's nothing else close is one thing but if you look today and use your smarts and what works for you, not what others say works for you, you'll find what you need.

  28. Bishop III

    Coch, "Yeah, HR was in its infancy". 🤣

  29. Ryan Marks

    Have tried tons of slings. I currently run a Blue Force Gear Vickers sling and its perfect. Get one – dont look back.

  30. BigT683

    I had a viking sling back in the day and absolutely loved it

  31. Pete Gauger

    Love these shop-talk videos. Thanks fellas

  32. Jody Hill

    Dorr pointed his muzzle at Coch many times. Very poor example of safe gun operation.

  33. teddy2guns

    On sand hill only the 249 and 240 has slings

  34. Frank Butta

    Coch looks MORE bad ass shaved! 👍👍👍👍

  35. JBrew

    My favorite modern sling is the WPS sling in either version. You cant beat em.

  36. Chris Laws

    Esd or ferro concepts is my favorite sling. Lots of good options these days, gbrs, spiritus systems etc

  37. Troy Johnson

    Very informative — thank you!

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