Navy SEAL Fitness with Stew Smith – FULL VIDEO

Navy SEAL Fitness with Stew Smith – FULL VIDEO
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Whether you want to be a Navy SEAL or just be as fit as one, here’s your chance. With this program, you will be ready for any military training or physical challenge in the world. Train with the world’s fittest and strongest individuals: the US Navy SEALs!

Stewart “Stew” Smith is a United States Naval Academy graduate. After four years on the SEAL teams, Stew was stationed at the Naval Academy and put in charge of the physical training and selection of future BUD/S candidates. The workout he developed to prepare for BUD/S was used by many, all of whom successfully completed BUD/S training. He is the author of The S.W.A.T. Workout, The Official Five-Star Fitness Boot Camp Workout, Updated Edition, and others.

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The Navy SEALs Workout

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  1. Sapiens Strength

    Stew Smith is the OG “Tactical Fitness” trainer .

  2. Longshanks

    I have his book and DVD, its great

  3. Nathaniel Butler

    tbh, this old-style video is a lot more trusting than some goof with modern film techniques. When you feel like you aren't being lied to, it's a lot easier to follow along with what the person is teaching you.

  4. J B

    They aren't as good as the royal marines

  5. Michel Alberto

    The father of the calisthenic 👌🔥

  6. Sayin wat

    “BUDS is tough but not impossible” Stew Smith

  7. Njabulo Njabulo

    I will try this holding on my EYES😂😂

  8. Professor Smith

    I just subscribed I could have been In shape years ago hahahaha

  9. OConnor Music

    I’ll never forget doing this damn near every night before I shipped off for tacp

  10. Z S

    its completely insane, looking at how fit and strong these men are, to think for a minute women could be in combat situations with the men and be able to keep up with them. fuck that PC nonsense. this also illustrates why a man who 'identifies' as a woman should never be allowed to compete against women. They are stronger physically, period.

  11. Carmen Zena

    Why so little pull ups? I'm just asking because I know navy seals cam probably do more than 3 considering I can do a lot more hahah

  12. Milad Morid

    And this whole video was just the beginning of their workout

  13. Raul Mejia

    thanks my brothers raul mejia O'regel,, City of Surprise . State of Arizona.

  14. Thomas Wood

    What about that guy cheating doing push-ups…. Lol

  15. FlyingCat

    What are they saying after each sets? Hire out?fire out?

  16. ickekoep

    except for the squats, I support and even took over some of these exercises. It hurts seeing the recruits doing it very wrong. <3 the pushups, best form on video.

  17. Shane Brisentine

    Just done this and I’m shaking

  18. Shane Brisentine

    Just done this and I’m shaking

  19. Total Impact

    This is Everything from CHINESE KUNG FU…everything Started from Chinese Technics and Go Viral in the Gym's Worldwide it Started in the late 60's ..this was Top Secrete Staff at These Days …But they Spy the Chinese and Copy Everything …Typical for a Country without Real History and Culture the Steal and Made it Up to Exist!!! but Bravo

  20. Authentic Citizens

    This brings back memories. I love America🇺🇸

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