NATURAL Way to Flush Your Kidneys🌿🌿 HOME Remedies | PREVENT KIDNEY FAILURE

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NATURAL Way to Flush Your Kidneys🌿🌿 HOME Remedies | PREVENT KIDNEY FAILURE
My statements are based on my own research and therefore i do recommend that you also research this information for yourself. Please contact your medical professional before using any product as a treatment.
This mixture is recommended to flushing out the kidneys which many people do not pay enough attention to. Kidney failure is one of the most popular causes of death in the USA and many people are waiting in line for a kidney transplant because of kidney failure. It’s better to start preventative measures from now to aid your body in repairing itself.
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4:27 Diabetic foot ulcer early signs
4:44 Infected diabetic foot ulcer treatment
5:10 Diabetic foot ulcer treatment at home
5:45 Diabetic foot ulcer total contact cast
6:30 Diabetic foot ulcer shoes
6:45 Diabetic foot ulcer orthotics
7:20 Diabetic foot ulcer exercises and Diabetic foot ulcer stretches
9:08 Early stage diabetic foot ulcer
9:53 Diabetic foot ulcer Home Treatment
10:10 Diabetic foot ulcer Peripheral Neuropathy

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    My mom has kidney failure is this good to take now

  2. Gelid ent

    What if I just blend it In a blender with lemon

  3. Gelid ent

    So put it in the fridge or keep at room temperature

  4. Lorris Bethel

    Thanks to God for using Dr OSABA on YouTube to cure my kidney disease.

  5. Gorga De koe

    Thanks i need this for a friend and i believe that it will help

  6. Elmar Codera

    We're can we buy that herbs parsley amd celantro? Anyone can answer my questions because i had a Back pain

  7. Thomas Cruise

    Thanks friends for recommending me to dr Omojiade Oboh on YouTube herbal medicine from him cured me of my Diabetes,I am so happy and grateful.

  8. cristopher escanilla

    Ingredients pls can't understand d other one

  9. Shilpa Nayee

    What if both your kidneys are functioning 10%,is this still beneficial am trying to avoid dialysis?

  10. Shekhar⁷⁰³⁹⁹⁶⁵⁸³9

    in youtube k nuskho se kuch nahi hota maine bahut kuch try kia hai. Mere ek relative ne ek vaidh ji k bare me bataya. Maine 4 months ka unke medicine ka course kia r mere 20 mm r ek 12mm ki kidney ki pathri dheere dheere urine k jariye bahar nikal gayi. Mai jaha se dawa leta tha waha ka wats ap nmbr maine apne naam ke sath likh diya hai..

  11. Grace Maerz

    How much does one take in mls per day?

  12. Meilssa Kinney

    I am going to try this. I have been very sick from the vaccine for over a year now. I have been doing everything I can holistically. I do feel a whole lot better now but I just found out that I am having some kidney issues. Not surprised, I do think that every organ has been affected. I have to wait one month for my urologist appointment. In the meantime I will do everything I can to help myself. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Knight Rider

    Can you add sugar ? Thank you

  14. Katie Jennings-Dunn

    This is incredible, just been diagnosed with kidney infection and given loads of antibiotics which I don’t feel is right! Doing this along side other things… excited to see the results:)

  15. SELIMA

    Thank you for this video. It might be more beneficial to boil the water first, turn the stove off, and then steep the herbs. Definitely going to try this. #JamaicanRemediesAreTheBest 🇯🇲

  16. Sagar Wagh

    Mere right kidney me 10mm aur 8mm ke stones the or ek ureter me bhi tha uski vajah se peshab bhi ruk ruk kr ata tha or bohot jalan hoti thi maine dr, ko dikhaya to bole ki turant operation karvalo😭pr muze operation se bohot dar lgta hai muze nhi krna tha, fir mai 💊 hi dhund rha tha to khadnol+livcon 💊and khadnol syrup k bare me pata chala to Amazon se mngvaliya or use kiya, isse mera peshab bhi khul gaya or jalan bhi khatm hogayi 15 din me, fir 3 month k bad sonography kiya to stones sare pighal gaye the, bohot achhi dava hai jisko bhi ye problem hai oo zaroor try krna👍, ff

  17. Jesse Morales

    Im in pain right now I’m going to do this remedy, thank you

  18. sindi dlamini

    Thanks for the recipe kidneys are important in our lives. Thanks

  19. Michigan Foot Doctors

    QUESTION: What helped you with your Diabetic Foot Care? LET US KNOW so that we can make better videos!

    🦶Thanks for subscribing!🦶

    Also let us know what topics you want to hear about!

    For the shoes and orthotics recommended in the video:


    My heart just keeps thanking you and thanking you Dr Igudia for all you have done for me, you gave me your words that you could heal any sickness or disease, thank you for permanently curing me of my Type 2 Diabetes you are amazing.

  21. NOt a doc F

    Diabetic take control of your healings: the is a study about healing leg, foot,hells ulcer using sugar,that's right! No worries the sugar in the ulcer does NOT get into the bloodstream, make a past of 3 tb spoon of filtered water to one 1 tb spoon of sugar ( first clear the area with maguinesium chlorate, dilute the mixture with filtered water wash the the wound, then let dry…apply the the sugar paste and cover.. do this every other day… it will take from 7 days to 3 months to complete heal. Cut back all your carbs, eliminate margarine, canola oil, corn oil,soy oil , eat real butter instead, moderate coconut oil for cooking, olive oil, eat more vegetables, greens, space out your eating habits, cut out all gluten products, especially so called whole grains bread from wheat. Take maguinesium 420mg malate 2 x a day, eat more potassium rich foods, eat more eggs instead of bread in morning, add a rock of sea salt in your water, if you eat rice: add cinamon and few drops of limon to it, it will cut down the rise in glucose by 30%, if eat rice or potatoes in MODERATION add a tb spoon of butter or 2 tb spoon of olive oil to it, it will have a steady slow rise in glucose, instead of big spikes in blood sugar. Try to avoid eating the breakfast if you can .. eventually go on 14 to 16 hrs before the first meal. Eventually you became free from diabetes..also let over night same cinnamon sticks soak in water and drink in morning it will helps to keep blood sugar stable

  22. Victoria

    all thanks to dr harry herbs i contacted through YouTube for treating me from typed 2 diabetes with his herbs medicine, its true natural medicine is powerful.

  23. Patsy Barretto

    Dear dr do u have any office or shoe shop in Goa because my brother have infection n wound for the toe finger

  24. RealistCapalot🥴❤!.

    Please use the information, its awful to hear all around the world that every 15 minutes that someone loses their feet to diabetes. Be in control of your life , control your blood sugars. Monitor your feet. Do not self treat yourself please. Keep your foot well moisture, dry between your toes. Visit your podiatrists often to help take care of your ankle and foot disorders. Callouses, hard nails, inner foot soles. This is just to name a few. Eat healthy, stop smoking, stop walking around with no shoes.

  25. Arizona Homesteading And Travels

    I'm soo scared.. I woke up one day to a bunionette or tailor's bunion on my right foot pinky toe side..I was like what in the world? Bunions are for old ladies!! Then a few days later it looked dark/black and a sore was there!!! Now I have an ulcer I guess..a yellow callus looking area on my foot and I took a new razor blade and cleaned up any dead skin and it smelled DEAD!!! GROSS!! OMG this came off my body? Crap! I'm in trouble! I knew I had unmanaged diabetes type 2 high blood sugar but never a sore! No insurance either! I remember that as a kid my parents used Iodex or black salve for wounds and it worked wonders so I mixed my own as they dont sell it in stores now only online. I mixed Vaseline with iodine..It seemed to help some but last night I did it and woke up to a foul smelling wound that was more wet..Maybe I will try those Iodine bandages with iodine beads that open to release iodine when they come in contact with wetness such as puss…I can't just go to the ER and rack up a $$$ bill!!! It's not free care to just show up!!! ugh this really sucks!!

  26. Susan Root

    I am 58 years old and have been a Type 2 diabetic for about 10 years. I have had a long, ongoing struggle with chronic ulcers(one on each foot). I have a great, well informed Podiatrist. To be truthful I have been my worst enemy by not keeping my blood sugars and A1C controlled. Surprisingly, my weight while not skinny is in the healthy BMI zone but I certainly wouldn’t be sad if I could lose another 20lbs(9.07kg). I also am a smoker 😞. I do have moderately good circulation to both feet.
    Coming across your video is so timely. I saw my PCP today and had a serious discussion about getting my blood sugar in control thru behavioral therapy and then to address my “smoking issue”. She doesn’t want me too cranky all at once I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️. I am going to call my wound Doctor tomorrow and schedule an appointment to discuss getting MUCH more proactive about offloading pressure from these wounds whether it be with a boot 🤞 or casting. It is time to get this situation under control after having one of these wounds in various stages of healing/decompensation for almost 5 YEARS!!! It is time to improve my overall state of health.
    You have pointed me in the correct direction to have a good discussion with my MD and what some of the important questions are to ask. Sorry this was so long but I am feeling a sense of hope that we can get these wounds healed. Thank You so much Doctor for your informational video. I look forward to watching others.

  27. Ateeq ur rahman

    Thanks for sharing good information 👍

  28. Marie Demosthene

    Do you have a number. I can call the office for an appointment?

  29. JailGuide

    This is all great info if you can afford it…

  30. Mina J Hooper

    I want to personally take time out to appreciate Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel for the herbs medication I ordered from him in curing my type two Diabetes disease

  31. Dayao Diana

    Sab po ng papa tingin ng may diabetic foot ulcer

  32. Raj Dihal

    Thank U for ur Help.. .
    I was getting very depressed with this situation. Going on almost 2 months with a foot Ulcer not healing.
    I'm a smoker and over weight ontop of being diabetic !
    Ur video showed a clear message of dealing with this problem head on !
    Following thru with all ur instructions, I'm gonna really try kicking this smoking !
    Hope to see more of ur video that I'm a subscriber. Thank U again for what U do.

  33. Adebayo Catherine

    Thanks to Dr Ogoh on YouTube for his Ultimate help for curing my type 2 Diabetes with his Herbal medication. Now I know anything is curable when there’s a right source.

  34. Dr D

    I had a cast on my foot and ankle from a nasty muscle tear in my ankle.
    The cast was causing pain in my toe, ortho doc said well it’s going to hurt
    But it got worse
    He finally took the cast off
    I now have a HOLE in my toe
    And it’s to my bone
    He’s not helping me. Its so bad, and no matter what i do, it is just lasting and won’t heal
    The ointment keeps the hole in my toe wet. So wet toe and the hole remains
    I’ve prevented infection
    But it won’t Close up!!

  35. Jemnum Dauda

    I’m so much grateful to Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who cured my type 2 Diabetes with his natural herbs medication and I’m also using this opportunity to recommend everyone who also suffers from Type 2 Diabetes and other types of diseases/ STI infection to contact him on his YouTube channel because his herbs are indeed very effective and cures different types of diseases.

  36. Yenta

    This was very helpful, Doc, thank you!

  37. Gopalsamy Kannan

    We want medicines name, video if dressing, not hour long, day long advice. Advice is vein.

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