Natural Tips to Lower Gestational Diabetes or Pregnancy Diabetes |Diet & Exercise-Dr.Poornima Murthy

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Sugars during pregnancy can be lowered naturally that is without even medications, are by exercise or diabetic diet. Exercise consist of walking, the main thing is walking about 2 times a day, one in the morning, and one after dinner just before you sleep and walking and the speed of walking depends on the comfort level of the patients. Some patients who don’t have too much of pain, they usually manage some amount of brisk walking, whereas patients who gain lot of weight they would usually like to have a light stroll. There are some exercises called as isometric exercises, wherein 1 kg weight is grasped on both the hands, that is dumbbells and if dumbbells are not available what she could do is fill the 1 litre water bottle and fill water in that and keep water in each hand and start flexing her upper limb at the elbow up and down, about 3 to 4 sets in a day and each set will be stopped when the patient has got shortness of breath and she feels tired and these type of exercises will bring the sugar down, the second type of way how she can lower her sugars is the diabetic diet. In the diabetic diet the whole meal has to be divided into 6 portions, that is 3 major meals, that is breakfast lunch and dinner and snacks in between that and may be a midnight snack because gestational diabetes patient generally feel a little more hungry than the rest of the population mainly because they are exercising and following some kind of a diet. Direct sugars like sugars and bakery items and pastries, cakes and ice-cream, milkshakes, in fruits, fruits like pineapple, chikoo, big banana will have to be avoided, brown bread has to be taken, rice has to be avoided, wheat and ragi to be encouraged, raw vegetables and ofcourse they can have light non-vegetarian food.

Gestational Diabetes Diet:

Pregnant women use more carbohydrates and need more calories than nonpregnant women. A standard recommendation for a pregnant woman is around 175g of carbohydrates total per day. Since you need carbohydrates for a healthy pregnancy; we do not recommend keto, no-carb, or low-carb diets for gestational diabetes diet. Some studies have shown, that being in ketosis during pregnancy affects the baby’s IQ and mental capacity.

Having gestational diabetes requires finding a balance to prevent blood sugar spikes with fasting and after meals. By restricting your carbohydrates too much in your gestational diabetes diet, you are at risk of ketosis and it’s important to avoid ketosis during pregnancy as we already briefly discussed.

We recommend that pregnant women eat 3-4 meals and 2-4 snacks per day for the gestational diabetes diet. The key is to keep the carbohydrate load distributed throughout the day to prevent blood sugar spikes. A rule of thumb could be eating 30-45 grams of carbohydrates per meal and about 15 to 20 g of carbohydrates per snack. Your individual needs depend on how much your blood sugars spike at 1 or 2 hours after a meal. Your fasting blood sugars are also very important.
If your blood sugar is spiking even with reduced carbohydrates down to 30 g per meal, then medication may be necessary. Since during pregnancy restricting carbohydrates too much is a definite “NO” then medication is the only solution in this situation. To prevent the complications of gestational diabetes, your fasting, 1-hour and 2-hour blood sugars must be well controlled. If you do not treat your gestational diabetes, you may end up having problems during or after pregnancy and your baby may be affected.

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    Hello! I'm having trouble understanding the use of metformin while pregnant. There seems to be no consensus across the web with regards to its use during pregnancy for gestational diabetes. Some doctors are okay with it up to the 14th week is gestation, others don't want you on it at all, and others say it's okay until delivery. For example, I'm in a country where, sadly, getting the 3hr oral glucose test is very difficult. I have an a1c of 5.7 the doctors here want me on metformin to the end of gestation at 1500mg per day and a strict diabetic diet. All this without seeing a record of my daily meter tests. I put myself on 500 mg to start and tracked my daily numbers and noticed they weren't in a good range so I upped my met to 1000mg per day and now I see my numbers better after waking and still need small improvement after eating. I watch my carbs, choosing complex over simple, and use sugar subs. My lowest being 89 after waking and highest 148 after eating homemade lentil crust pizza (4 slices). It's difficult to know if this is manageable thru diet only or if metformin is actually needed. Could you possibly offer an insight to this issue? Then you doctor! (At time of writing this 11 weeks pregnant)

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