Natural Remedies for Acidity, Gastritis and GERD

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Acidity, gastritis, gerd, acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease, gas problem, acidity and gas problem, gastric problem, all these diseases are collectively due to increased acid output in the stomach due to irregular and abnormal meals an individual follow. This video is about natural remedies, home treatment and prevention of acidity, gastrtic, gas problem and gerd acid reflux condition. Foods that help in acidity, gastritis, gerd prevention and treatment, Foods that should be avoided in acidity, gastritis, gerd prevention and treatment is explained in detail. Also lifestyle modification in people suffering from acidity, gastritis, gerd prevention and treatment is explained.

Gatroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)/GERD Symptoms, Etiology, Prevention and Treatment

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How to get rid of a sinus infection? How to relieve sinus pressure?

Sinusitis is a common condition that can cause your sinuses to become swollen or blocked due to a sinus infection. You may be experiencing acute sinusitis or chronic sinusitis. Some sinusitis symptoms include:

– Sinus headache
– Toothache
– Bad breath
– High temperature of over 38°C
– Reduced sense of smell
– Sinusitis ear pressure

If you would like to learn more about sinusitis relief, headache relief and the causes of sinusitis pain, you can read more in our in-depth guide here:

If these sinusitis home remedies do not help to ease your discomfort, you can consult with a doctor by booking an appointment with a GP at

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  1. gulu mamu

    sir can tea chaya cause acidity and then chronic persistent cough ?if yes how fix it instantly plese guide thanks.


    Oatmeal poor indigestion can we take


    How to remove hpyroli bacteria an help to improve thinning lining stomach

  4. Ana Rauzan

    Natural roots and herbs 🌿 supplements cured me from Genital Herpes permanently within 2weeks of using Dr.Ogudugu on YouTube herbal remedy(CURE)

  5. Saan G.

    I tried fasing…no food just distilled water for 5 days and that didn't ease the discomfort in my stomach at all. Si guess u have to intake to heal the lining of the stomach.

  6. kevin Reynold

    How do you fellow chronic gastritis sufferers keep your job?

    What type of job have you found out you can manage to keep or I mean you can keep doing the job even when you are suffering from chronic gastritis related pain?

    That requires you to move your body quite frequently or a lot when you are on duty.Keep reading please.

    I mean heavy physical work and related continuous physical movement is just quite impossible to me due to pain brought on by frequent physical movement.

    Like leaning or bending forward to pick things up from floor or even from a shelf that requires me to lean or bend forward somewhat to pick up something. This movement causes stomach pain as it causes pressure on my stomach by causing pressure on abdominal muscles right above and around my stomach.If I ignore the pain and keep leaning and bending forward to pick up things from floor or lower shelf the stomach pain gradually increases and becomes quite unbearable pretty soon.

    After every meal be it breakfast/launch/ dinner with moderate amount of food intake like 300-400 grams of food my stomach feels heavy for atleast next 4/5 hours and I just can't move around freely because movement causes gradually increasing stomach pain like I could when I was healthy.

  7. Janie Moore

    I took Mastic Gum (ordered it online) before meals (it really helped with the burning after meals and at night) and Aloe Vera Juice in between meals. Started taking Collagen with probiotics (Bulletproof Gut) and Bone broth to help heal the lining of the stomach.

  8. William Henderson

    Living with the stigma of Gastritis and not been able to have a healthy relationship was messing up my life really bad, until I got some super herbs from Dr Igho YouTube channel, I haven't had any Symptom's for some while now, after I used his herbs & I'm planning to get another test done, Am grateful & advise you help yourself also

  9. Rishabh Mishra

    Thanks for sharing information on Acidity and Gas diseases. I suffered from this problem and allopathic doctor suggested me to take anti acidity medicine at empty stomach daily. But this was only control my problem not cure it. Then I have start treatment from Planet Ayurveda health care center. and after four months of regular ayurvedic medication, I got relief from my all stomach related problems.

  10. Anuoluwapo Omotayo


  11. Badreddin Hassan

    TRIED every trick in the book…youTube…..Nothing works……ONLY one thing works: TAHINI, which Sesame past…just one spoon everytime you have the symptoms …..


    CAC Sheet Dhara Syrup is a herbal syrup is prepared from ingredients such as ajwain satav, mushak kapoor, peppermint, etc that naturally relieve the symptoms like bloating, blenching, nausea, vomiting, feeling of discomfort, etc. The regular use of this herbal syrup neutralizes the high acid content, reduces

    abdominal pain, & cramps.

  13. Kendall Lily

    I WILL CONTINUE POSTING THIS, I'm so happy to share this testimony,thank you Dr Ben Uda on youtube channel, I'm so happy i never believed i will be herpes negative again despite all i passed through,you're truly a Great herbal doctor.

  14. Prutha P

    Wow! Thank you Doctor! Most of the food items you ask to avoid in the video irritate my tummy. Very useful

  15. Natalie Bartley

    Thank great unfo stomach hurt went to dic get med receler and other tab. i know how to eat thanks


    Try eating red apples to get rid of acid reflux. They have alkaline properties also which can neutralize acid in the stomach which often leads to acid reflux. Red apples solved my acid reflux problem.

  17. Krishna Mohapatra

    Any remedy for running and stuffy nose due to sinus? I like the pillows idea.

  18. Grace Joshua

    Doc Kham on YouTube channel! Your herbal medicine cured me from my simplex virus in two weeks, All glory to God and Doc Kham for his herbal Medication is real.


    First offf your wrong allergies are the leading cause of sinusitis

  20. Mixmaster_Djkn1ght

    I probably have this my nose feels inflammation but it doesn't help when I use nasal spray I tried everything I really don't even know what I have

  21. Rishabh Mishra

    A sinus infection also called sinusitis, occurs when patient nasal cavities become infected, swollen, and inflamed. It is very difficult for patient to sleep at night with these conditions. I got easily relief from this problem by taken Planet Ayurveda medicines for two months.

  22. Trevion Henderson

    Please get a new mic and/or project more. Im casting this with my tv at max volume and can still hardly hear you

  23. Bobby Gathergood

    My Dr gave me the bums rush once I told her my sinusitis was a s result of recent dental work that got infected after a tooth extraction. She said this is dental and it['s no longer GP policy to treat this nor prescribe medication for it. She told me to go to an emergency dentist. If felt like she was telling ne to f off.

  24. Omoregbee Happiness

    I have done all the experiments it seems not to work

  25. Omoregbee Happiness

    Please doctor I have severe sinuse over three years please what can I do

  26. Keity Marley

    Natural herbs from Dr Madida are healthy to treat and cure herpes virus  as it worked for me. Am so happy and grateful to Dr Madida for his help in curing me of my herpes virus.

  27. Pateck Aaron

    If you are thinking of any treatment to bad breath, think of doc Oyalo herbal remedy as he has save me with me. I used his herbs and it work for me.
    Till now my breath is normal. His is on channel with his name Dr Oyalo

  28. Fsw W

    Pressure in face, ear blockage, throat itch, bad breath, tonsil stone, thick mucous, headache, bad sleep, no energy/motivation. It’s been over 2 years I’ve never had problems like this before. I don’t know how I’m meant too live like this losing all hope

  29. Hugo B

    SOS: im in so much pain. My body went in shock 30 mins ago. I got steroid spray and it is not touching me.

  30. the forgotten tales *

    Really informative! Home remedies and natural remedies like those of Planet Ayurveda can be very effective for sinusitis.

  31. Joice Omo

    I want you all to know that there is a nature cure to bad breath and I cured mine with the help of herbal remedy from Dr Oyalo on channel and now I’m completely free from it

  32. Moran Bella

    Having Herpes Simplex Virus is not the end of life, I got cured after using Dr Oyagu herbal supplement 🙏👏🏽

  33. Azim Premji

    Bad breath has always been so difficult for me to understand, even though I've learned about it several times. i got cured with remedy from Dr oyalo channel. conact him for cure remedy too. I’m completely cured and free from cardiac disease

  34. Beneace Adams

    Best regards to #drosuma for your help and support I'm free from sinus infection

  35. Nat Rodriguez

    Thank you so much for this advice so clear. Explaination….and simple GOD BLESS YOU.

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