Natural fertility treatment. Finally, a breakthrough with actual scientific evidence!

Natural fertility treatment. Finally, a breakthrough with actual scientific evidence!
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Natural fertility treatment. Finally, a breakthrough with actual scientific evidence!

Getting pregnant naturally is what every couple would like to do but it doesn’t work for all. There are tons of ridiculous and unproven remedies on YouTube that you should avoid. Today on InfertilityTV we are going to discuss a natural fertility treatment with ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that may help you conceive naturally without fertility drugs or IVF.

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One of the most popular playlists on InfertilityTV are the TTC tips which are great even you are not struggling with infertility

Dr Morris is a practicing IVF and infertility expert who sees patients at IVF! located in the Naperville Fertility Center.

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  1. Anjana Sharma

    Sir my age 46 AHM leave 0.124 my want consiving my own egg

  2. Zinhle Zondi

    please can I get your number please I need your help

  3. Nouman Khan

    Can a person with blocked fallopian tubes consume small amount of Poppy Seed oil to unblock it.

  4. Summer Days

    Is the natural treatment just poppy seed oil or poppy seed oil AND iodine?

  5. White Mist Creative Studios

    What if you don’t ovulate?

  6. Elena Gomes

    Is poppy seed injection good for older women desperate to have babies?

  7. Miriam-Rochel Gross

    What is/are suitable alternative(s) if one is allergic to one or both of the components?

  8. The Angle @FM

    Help me doctor…. I stayed for 4 months without seeing my periods,,,,,within those month I had tried to convince and thought it was positive but later on I found I wasn't pregnant…I took medicine and after one week my periods came… doctor had told me that I had blocked tubes that's why I couldn't get pregnant….bt after I received my periods I tried again and became negative again….😭😭😭 what should I do,my husband really love babies

  9. Markeisha Robinson

    Will this help you ovulate?

  10. Anupam bera Bera

    I am suffering unexplained infertility can I conceive natural pregnancy pls reply..

  11. Anupam bera Bera

    Hiii sir I stay in india how can I contact you…

  12. elizabeth Gabriel Oluwasegun

    Pls doctor I did HSG a month ago and no tubes blockage


    Please give me some advice to boost my eggs are now week…iwant to conceive ….i recently get pregnant with medicine ..but have obortion after 2 months…i want to get pregnant naturally

  14. Nadia Azhar

    Doctor is there any medication or natural remedy to increase the cervical mucus? I heard omega 7 is really good, would you say that's safe to take?

  15. Mohammed Sayeed aamir

    for hydrosaplinx poppy seed oil massage lower abdomen or injected

  16. cosmin ckraici

    how about melatonin, NAC, SOD, royal jelly, myo inositol but not for PCO, growth hormone, flax seed? Are they any good?

  17. Heather Brown

    Can fertility issues be cured with serrapeptase after a vas reversal?

  18. Maria Jules

    Does this work if the tubes are blocked due to endometriosis? I've been looking for remedies like this. How can I get this?

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