Natural Cures for Diabetes Insipidus

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  1. tell it like it is

    Yeah this is for type two

  2. Ramana Kumar

    one slide u say diabetis inspidus and in other u talk about diabetis mellitus . very confusing

  3. Lilibeth Doherty

    That was the worst music I have ever heard!

  4. Gregory Kerr

    By simply deciding on “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it), you`ll recover from diabetes and set you to a more good life-style. My has been following this plan conscientiously for more than Fortyfive days. He has been dependent to insulin for several years in his six year long struggle against type two diabetes. Given that reading through this program and also adhering to the plan he is eating better everyday & everyday…

  5. luisa jorrin

    Great cures….but the music needs to be a little louder. Cant quite here it

  6. Petit coton

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for holistic healing try Letza Home Healing Lessons (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

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