Natural Cure For Gum Disease Amazing Results!

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Applying this probiotic saved my tooth & cleared up my gums. I show my dental records to prove it works. Scientific evidence supports probiotic use to treat gum disease.

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See link to article about using probiotics to treat gum disease:

Link to fermented vegetables:
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  1. Sh Hu

    Hello, Diane. Will naturally fermented saurkraut work?

  2. Maude Louis

    Greetings, can you send me the list of vegetable and fruit you use and directions please

  3. Sudani Amerikani

    What use for the Fermented vegetables?

  4. hassan kehinde ozeni

    I had been able to get rid of my bad breath {HALITOSIS} when i used dr aloma herbal protocol i found on YouTube, This herbal protocol cured me within 14 days .. Now I'm so much happy I have gotten my normal breath back, I'm also happy because i now have so much confidence in talking to people face to face without worries about my horrible breath anymore..He's also specialized in curing Body odour,Tonsilitis, Ulcer stomach, Gum disease/Tooth decay e.t.c You can reach him on YouTube dr aloma for permanent cure

  5. Sandra Hudak

    Instead of using the messaging sticks, can you use this as a mouth rinse? My theory is that only saliva can reach all infected areas.

  6. Christine Corrrea

    Wouldnt using a waterpik on a higher setting be a much more efficient way of applying this juice? I have tried both clove water and aloe water with both helping quite a bit maybe 85% effective in reducing swelling and inflammation. Definitely try that method.

  7. The Amusementsarcade

    Great video! Can the bok choy be replaced with anything else? For example leeks? I live in the UK and wouldn't know where to get it

  8. Maria Summers

    Hi Diane thank you so much for sharing. I can’t seem to find your fermented vegetables recipe. Can you assist please

  9. قناة لنشر الخير

    Ways to heal from gums disease:
    – stop eating sugary food and sugary drinks and stop drinking soda and alcohol.
    – eat healthy food with lots of veggies and lots of greens such as kale, spinach…
    – you need vitamin D, A,K,E and C for gum health plus calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and also Omega-3, so drink milk and take fermented cod liver oil it’s rich in vitamin D and omega-3.
    – use oil pulling with coconut oil, sesame oil and essential oils such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, clove essential oil etc.
    – rinse with a solution made with Himalayan pink salt and filtered water.
    -apply turmeric paste on gum and teeth. (Organic turmeric mixed with filtered water)
    -rinse your mouth with wheatgrass powder by mixing a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder with filtered water and swish it for 15 minutes. Don’t swallow, swish and spit it out.
    If you know anything else please put it in the comment .

  10. Pamela Job

    I've had bad breath for over 7 years and I have it even after brushing and I have it allay long. Mints and gum don't work, it just makes it worst and I'm 34 year old about to turn 35 in 1 month. I don't talk because I fear that someone will tell me my breath stinks, I have no friends but after Dr.Auchi recommendation on YouTube for herbal remedy I have been free with his herbs. All thanks to Dr.Auchi for saving my life..✅✅

  11. Sivan Aviv

    Hi, amazing video and I will definitely try this! Did you only do it for 2 weeks, or do you continue doing it now as well? And did you do it in conjunction with deep cleaning of calculus by a dentist or hygienist?

  12. Jennifer Ciccone

    Thank you, seems like a great idea!

  13. Robin E

    Hi Diane
    After watching this video I did some research and I now know why this worked. Your fermented vegetables had significant amounts of vitamin k. Teeth are attached to the bone by the periodontal ligament. If you don't get enough vitamin k2 this ligament will allow the tooth to loosen from the bone. And that also allows the gums to form pockets. That's why applying the juice from the veggies caused the tooth to tighten up again!

  14. Die Frage

    Hi Diane, I've gum recession, would this help too? Any suggestions please? I'm gonna lose my 2 front upper teeth anytime 😔❤️🌺

  15. Tito Saints1

    Hi Diane do you brush after or before using these probiotics, I'm curious do I just let I sit on gums after massaging the gums ?

  16. Sam Boriboun

    My pockets were deep i decided to remove it but my tooth was so strong its took 4 tools two male dentist to pull it out so i guess it wont fall out ever

  17. i music i

    Im trying Kim Chee! Since it is so so similar.
    It is feeling like it is doing someth9ng already.

    But where are all the testimonials that is worked???

    I did see one and they used Kim Chee! Great. Remember Jesus cured 10 lepers and only one returned to give glory to God.

    I m trying taking a piece of Kim Chee and wrapping it around the tooth and leaving it there for a good while.
    If this works I will surely let you know!
    Thanks Diane

  18. Christian Figuroa

    Wow do you sell this juice?

  19. Rastline so fine

    Just made my first batch of (soon to be) fermented veggies. I used cabbage, since I don't have access to the veggies you used. I will use kimchi juice while I wait for my cabbage to ferment. I've tried so many different things and got excited each time, so I'm not getting my hopes up… but this is the first thing I found that really makes sense to me. I'm so happy it worked for you and I'm really impressed by your idea. I think it's quite genius and I will give it a go. I really hope I will report back to you in a month with some good news.

  20. Kelly Clover

    If it worked, it's difficult to argue with it. Dental probiotic pills are now widely available but it's basically the wild west as to what you get with different formulations.

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