Nancy Brown at the 2018 World Economic Forum: The Promise of Precision Medicine

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Nancy Brown, Chief Executive Officer of the American Heart Association, speaks as part of a panel discussion on the Promise of Precision Medicine in this World Economic Forum video.

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  1. Khaled Taya خالد الطايع

    No practical solutions on the ground unfortunately ! Modern medecine is the worst medecine makind has ever experienced ! We discarded old style pure medecine to replace it by a so-called modern medecine under some fallacious slogans like THE PROMISE OF PRECISION MEDICINE OR MODERN MEDECINE OR NEW THERAPEUTIC TECHNOLOGIES ETC…..

    Digital medecine is the worst ! Life expectancy has decreased a great deal ! Chronic diseases skyrocketed ! Man made diseases increased ! Pills, drugs, injections, surgeries, all these bad stuff changed life radically from natural lifelong healthy life into artificial short term life !

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