Muscle Growth Tips FOR WOMEN (Nutrition and Workout Hacks)

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Muscle Growth Tips FOR WOMEN (Nutrition and Workout Hacks)- Thomas DeLauer

Questions that will be answered within this video:

– What are the hormonal differences between men & women with respect to building muscle?
– Should women train differently than men in order to build muscle?
– What should women consume in order to promote muscle growth?


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  1. KB

    Great video, thanks Thomas!
    Just signed up for thrive market, so far I'm loving it. Those links are very helpful, because there are so many items to choose from.

  2. Angela Mohn

    I can’t thank you enough for this! It answered a lot of my questions. I am not cookie-cutter, therefore my weight training program shouldn’t be either…and I feel like a lot of “programs” are. And none of them want to take into account the topic of hormones!! I will be listening and taking notes a few more times and seeing how my hormones can work FOR me 😎💪🏻🏋🏼‍♀️

  3. Christine in California

    Thanks for this. Would love to see advice for post menopausal woman over 60 who are already IM and lifting in the gym. How to build muscle and strength while getting leaner? I’ve been IM fasting for 2 plus years and now training harder with a trainer but not seeing much physical change. I recently easily completed a 48 hour fast so I think I’m fat adapted. I easily do 20 hours a couple of days per week but usually 16. Some days I have great energy while fasting and others I have no gas in the tank at the gym. I’m confused on fueling for gym results at this point.

  4. Sara Massey

    One of the best videos on the internet. Thank you so much!

  5. Hello There

    I love how careful you were about this.

  6. Tal Ghow-I

    Endurance excercise seems to work best for me.

  7. SamIsHere

    Where can I get that shirt? Im loving it!!💪🏽

  8. F K

    Rewatched this video several times since it was uploaded because it's so helpful and to remind myself of how to do the best with what I have got

  9. Alma Garcia

    Mr Delauder I’m 56 is it the same for me. I don’t eat as much as I used too

  10. rawan

    Please respond. I started to play javelin throw 2 months ago. I go to gym and track every day . The question is I wanna lose weight but as a javelin thrower should I build muscles first or should I lose get in shape I'm 60 kg and 5'8 target is 55 kg . Or should I just wait to be stronger and build muscles . I have no idea. Please help

  11. r a e .

    This is going to help… I had a lot of disordered eating… lost my perioid and almost all of my muscle… now I am just skinnyfat and I am hopeless… 😞

  12. Angel Ferrara

    i promise i will hit the like button but if i have to see to if i LIKE IT first:)

  13. dia dia

    Sorry but I'm a little confused on periodic fasting. What should I do?

  14. Les Play Fork Knife

    He's trying so hard to explain the science behind it without having toxic masculinity and it's hilarious 😂

  15. Michelle loves Music ❤️

    Thank you..I've done training before..results were great did 1000 mixed excercise in each session..want more lean not necessarily muscles more lean. I'm wanting like tighter stomach defined and tighter chest..I have whey protein 🤔

  16. PL J

    I wish you would include info for those of us who have reached menopause and are using weight training to increase muscle mass. Our hormones are different now. For those of us who are older, what additional tips are there? I'm over 50, am a competitive runner but am scaling back on that due to arthritis and have added a lot of upper body weight training with the goal to add as much muscle as I possibly can going heavy with the weights. Maximum weight and going to failure hopefully in about 8 reps. Any advice is appreciated.

  17. North Floater

    Hey Thomas! Thank you for creating content for women specifically! I can’t thank you enough! I’m a 20 year old woman and I started lifting weights. I do intermittent fasting, and I watch Dr Berg. I’m a little confused about the amount of protein that I need to grow muscle. I’m slim naturally, but muscular too. I weight 120. Do you recommend a certain amount of protein?

  18. Uljana Reucka

    Very helpful video, thanks a lot! Subscribe 🙂

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