Metformin and Alcohol: Is drinking safe for people with diabetes? #diabetes #health #medicine

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Metformin and Alcohol: Is drinking safe for people with diabetes? #diabetes #health #medicine

Discover the truth about Metformin and Alcohol! 🍷🚫 Learn if it’s safe for diabetes patients to drink. #Diabetes #Health #Medicine. Metformin and Alcohol: Is drinking safe for people with diabetes? #diabetes #health #medicine

#diabetes #health #medicine #metformin #t2d #t1d
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In this mini-video, we will talk about:

Metformin and alcohol – What’s the relation?

Does alcohol interact with Metformin?

Is drinking a beer or wine safe when you are taking metformin?

Alcohol increases the risk of low blood sugar in diabetes. As a result of low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia, you may experience headache, weakness, confusion, drowsiness, fast heart rate, and dizziness.
Alcohol can also cause coma by increasing the acidity of the stomach.
In short, excessive drinking when you have diabetes and while taking medications such as metformin should be avoided.

That said, does this mean you have to say goodbye to alcohol forever?

No, this doesn’t mean you can not drink alcohol at all. You just need to consult your doctor or pharmacist so that they can tell you the exact amount suitable according to your health needs and any potential interactions with your other medications.

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This mini-video is a part of video series on metformin that covers the following topics:

– What is metformin?

– How does metformin work?

– When to take metformin?

– What are the most common side effects of metformin?

– When you should not use metformin?

– Metformin and alcohol – What’s the relation?

– Can using metformin make you fat or lose weight?

– And, answers to other questions that you may have.
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