Men Vs Women: The Best Way To Lose Fat (KEY DIFFERENCES)

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It’s no secret that men and women are physiologically quite different. So it only makes sense that when it comes to how to lose fat fast, our approaches should differ as well, right? Well, yes and no. In fact, when it comes to how to lose fat for women versus how to lose fat for men, there’s actually not much difference. For instance, with regards to training, both need to prioritize weight lifting. This is because as you lose fat, weight lifting for women and men will help maintain and build muscle as you lose weight. This helps burn more fat and also prevents you from ending up skinny fat after you’ve lost all your weight. However, there are some important sex differences in training you’ll want to consider as well. For instance, let’s start with the ideal workout to lose fat for men versus women which mainly depends on training goals. Men typically want big arms, a big chest, a wide back, and wider shoulders. Therefore their training should reflect this by performing a lot of compound pushing and pulling exercises. Whereas women typically want more muscle definition and to grow their glutes, and such would want more lower body volume and less upper body volume.

Now as for physiological gender differences, research actually shows that women can handle more training volume and a higher training frequency than men since they recover faster between workouts. They are also better suited to shorter rest times between sets compared to men. Thus, this means that women can and should be performing slightly higher volume workouts and train more frequently (e.g. full body workouts) when compared to men – while also using slightly shorter rest periods.

Next, moving onto the best diet to lose fat for women versus men, it’s important to realize that you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat regardless of your gender. Thus, there’s not much difference in the best foods or diet to lose fat fast for men versus women. However, research does show that at any given exercise intensity, women burn more fat than carbs and protein than men do. So since women rely less on carbs and muscle glycogen for energy in their workouts, they may do better with a higher fat diet than men. This is especially true for women since research also shows that higher fat meals seem to more satiating for women but not for men. Thus, this may be useful to incorporate for women dieting to lose fat.
Although these little differences may not seem like much, they really are what’s going to enable you to transform your body as efficiently as possible.
This is exactly why I’ve created both female AND male science-based programs, such that your program is optimized for you in ALL aspects.
Each are designed to be an all-in-one process to transform your body from your starting point to a leaner, stronger, and bigger physique in the fastest, most efficient way possible.
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Women recover faster between workouts:
Women recover faster between sets:
Women rely more on fat:
Fat more satiating for women but not men:
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Are you wasting your time in the gym and never seeing the results you want? Make sure you are avoiding these extremely common, time wasting, and result killing mistakes that many women make.

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  1. Jeremy Ethier

    Thanks for watching everyone! Super excited to have finally launched my female programs to add to my existing male programs, and you can take the quiz here to find which one is best for you: . Hope you enjoyed this one! Comment below what other topics you’d like to see!

  2. Hayden Helin

    How is he so ripped but has a chubby face. The face is the first indication of body fat percentage.

  3. Amber Fryer

    Finally! Someone who can tell me some advantages to being a woman in strength training! I’m fact checking right now…

  4. CirceEnchants

    Do you need support with pronouncing the plural of 'woman', Jeremy?

  5. Polymorphic Procrastination

    Gender is a social construct

  6. Agent Falafel

    Interesting video. I didn't know women recovered faster

  7. Ariel

    who is the woman in this video? she has my dream body.

  8. Büşra Seveb

    “Lower body focus”
    WHY THO? I wanna have bulky arms. Cut the shit 😐😐😐

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  17. Kelly R

    Oh; shoot; im doing all of those 😂🤣 thanks! 🙏🤙

  18. Livy Nice

    Can you do a video about nutrition ?

  19. Lavy Sara

    What happens if I don't have a goal for the gym? What if I just want to keep fit?

  20. Jamie Shetz

    Dude! Thank you! Your content is awesome! Thankfully, I’m doing the opposite of what most women do so…this video made me realize that I’m on the right path! 💪🏼

  21. pearlescent

    I've also told myself that if I'm afraid of getting 'bulky,' then that is a problem for when it get there. The trick is that I'll never get bulky without effort — working out isn't easy. Really, I'd have to try to get bulky; people work for that.

  22. Caro Huerta

    how many times a week should i do cardio????

  23. jpjuergens03

    Just coming across all of your videos and found the "what not to do" ones extremely helpful! I didn't see the link for the free workout download in the description box. Can I still get that?

  24. Elizabeth nilsson

    introduce the frog jump…. that is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT when it id done properly and it is difficult and it hurts. we when we warmed up at the competition gymnastic had to do 2 -3 round around the competition gymnastic hall which is big. with the 90 degree bend knee and a upper body right up strait. that is all you need for to get bloody strong mussel and working with the brain and concentration. EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. gives extremely fitness and strength for a many many years ahead.

  25. Jule Marie

    That's such a good video !! Thanks ! Finally someone explains us how we can really have succes 💪🏾😍

  26. Ruth Henriquez

    The fitness guidance seems to universally recommend 150 minutes a week of cardio. Most recommendations further specify that that means not walking, but doing stuff that gets your heart rate in the 70 – 80% of maximum range most of the time, and over 80% of maximum some of the time, and even up over 90% a little bit of the time. Do you think that is too much cardio, or is it the right amount and we need to add in strength training?

  27. Christine

    You are SO knowledgeable and professional. Big help to me!

  28. Serena Morris

    I still have a lot of fat to lose so i cant just lift I have to do cardio too. I do cardio twice a week and resistance training lifting heavy 4-5 days a week.

  29. B Augustian

    I purchased the F & F training program several months ago and have found it very effective, intelligent, and easy to follow. Thank you Coach PJ and Christina for putting this together. I have to admit to falling into the "Too much variety" category and find it helpful to have the structured program to keep me focused.

  30. user name

    What the fuck are women doing in the gym anyway?

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