Meet Fit Singles – App Demonstration Video showing the different features the app offers.

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The Prime Fitness Single Stack review is finally here. This machine is probably the most versatile and space saving cable stack for a home gym, other than a functional trainer. Features a 350LB Weight Stack for the high pulley and an adjustable low Pulley with a 2:1 ratio so you’re getting 175LBS of pulling weight. You also can buy a variety of accessories from Prime Fitness, which I own the Lat Pull-down and the Low Row Platform. If you don’t have a lot of space and want the versatility of a cable machine, I highly recommend this Prime Fitness HLP Single Stack!!

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  1. Cwill 228

    What’s the the with from the front upright to the pack upright?

  2. Carp’s Gym

    Nice machine, just don’t like the Neon colors they use.

  3. J K

    Hands down great review.

    DISSERTAIONAL in scope

  4. LRW W

    Hey brother, many thanks for the video! What is the warranty for this unit? If I'm paying a premium for a product, it should have a lifetime warranty IMO..

  5. Phillip Ku

    Definitely best review for this!!

  6. Jesus Garcia

    So how do I avoid the Credit card fee. How do you pay by debit or direct deposit.

  7. marco lopez

    I have a titan tower cable machine and a Valor lat pull down machine. Do I really need this prime lat pull down if I already have the machines avobe??
    I wanted to add a functional trainner to my set up but don't know yet. Thinking about getting ares too with pr4000 and selling
    my prx wall rack, lat pull down and titan cable tower.

  8. LeavemeAlone

    Shipping quotes right now are double for me lol, 1200 to ship.

  9. Cwill 228

    What is the size of the holes on the top cross member?

  10. xClyptox

    Wow, that shipping price is crazy. I am interested in their products but being priced at 3.4k with no attachments shipped makes this a no go. Now if you choose a 2 day shipment I understand the price. I seen someone in the comments say they ordered one a month ago and was still waiting – oof. Cool review but paying hundreds in shipping and having to wait 4+weeks seems crazy to me.

  11. Leroy Ysquierdo

    In Adam’s review of this, he mentions how the pull down seat wiggles once it’s on the upright. Have you noticed any improvements on the seat?

  12. LMZ Fitness Garage Gym

    This thing is a beast! Bro, I expect you to do the full stack by the end of the year!!!💪💪😂

  13. ExiaDeNovo

    What is the max height of the adjustable pulley? Does the lat pull down pulley swivel?

  14. Leo Becerra

    It's not expensive for what you get. Rogue has thier column for about the same price minus the top pulley.

    Is that front column new or special order? On the web site it shows holes on the front side but not the sides.

    Great video bro!

  15. Ben Schewel

    I'm getting one of these in and want to order a gympin. Does the selectorized stack have 8mm or 10mm holes?

  16. Chris R. Woods

    I agree. For the cost of this thing, I'd find space for the Rogue LP-2.

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