Maria Menounos opens up about pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Maria Menounos opens up about pancreatic cancer diagnosis
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Maria Menounos opens up about pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Shocking Revelation: Maria Menounos Talks Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis. Inspirational Story of Courage & Hope! 🌟🙏 Maria Menounos opens up about pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Maria Menounos opens up about pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Entertainment journalist Maria Menounos is cancer free after being diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer earlier this year. Overcome with emotion, she opens up to TODAY’s Hoda Kotb about the latest health challenge and feeling “so blessed” for being “given so many miracles,” including preparing to welcome her first child via a surrogate.

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  1. cuqui baum

    God Bless you, stay strong beautiful person!!

  2. Linda Gorchinsky

    Maria, you look stunning…

  3. Cook Scrap Craft

    I’m so glad she’s cancer-free right now. I can’t believe all she & her family has been through. This is why it’s so important to be a squeaky wheel when it comes to your health!

  4. Robin

    Everyone is missing the whole point of this story. God has always taken care of her and always will. He still does miracles today. Through her story you can see how strong her faith has grown. ❤

  5. Abderrahim Anasse

    I have No cancer either of liver or pancreas but only PB of polluted water all the time conveyed to me even in my last stay in the hotel of Casablanca from Toilet and i felt connections with rooms around

  6. Suzy Hayes

    Amazing interview. Thank you for becoming an advocate for others. Blessings to you and your little family. 💞

  7. Christine Curtin

    Sweet lady may you have the best of everything,

  8. Maria Sanchez

    I hope every person that have cancer ended up as you Maria free cancer God bless you ❤🙌

  9. Owl 21

    Yes you have to listen to you body but doctor's don't listen to you.

  10. SnakeToes

    She is SO RIGHT. As a nurse, I have to agree that YOU have to be the CEO of your own health!! I love and appreciate her attitude that all of this happened FOR her and not TO her.

  11. Lizz

    is time media TV! starts opening the dialogue about fasting and cancer. So many are healing by staying away from chemo and the traditional drug system that is designed to torture people until they die. Perhaps are more tv personalities experience this vulnerability they may realize we all are obligated to find a solution and not be bias of media, pharma and politics.

  12. Angie Franks

    She is a hero of her own story! ❤❤❤ and so glad that it her lady had her do an MRI

  13. CB394

    Reality check: There is a 5% chance of survival with Pancreatic Cancer. That's what took Alan Rickman, Steve Jobs AND Patrick Swayze. They call it the Silent Killer for a reason. If something feels off GO GET CHECKED OUT! Not everyone gets a miracle.

  14. Becca Nachlas

    This unfortunately speaks to the issue of health equity in our country. Most wouldn’t have access to a FULL body MRI 😢

  15. Diane Hiltz

    No doubt there is a God…💜💜💜

  16. Christine Auxier

    So glad you shared your story. My brother was diagnosed w pancreatic cancer a few weeks ago. His is also stage 2. He had to have 2 surgeries because his food could not go down and now another because his liver was also blocked. They start chemo in a couple of weeks and then finally will remove the mass. It gives me a little hope. He is 65 and up til now was rarely ever sick.

  17. Cynthia Garrett


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