Managing Type 1 Diabetes | What to Expect After Diagnosis

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“Just overall, I knew our lives were changing when I heard the words Type 1 diabetes. It meant being on top of things 24/7, 365 days a year. There are no breaks.”

Carb counting. Insulin administration. Blood glucose monitoring. Meal planning. Care-giver training. It’s all part of Kai’s mom’s routine and a lifestyle she’s learned to embrace as she manages Kai’s Type 1 diabetes (T1D). T1D is an autoimmune condition impacting insulin production and blood sugar regulation. It’s not preventable nor curable but it is manageable. For families like Kai’s, that typically means adjusting to a ‘new normal’ that requires a balancing act of care in order to avoid potential life-threatening complications.

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  1. mandy merr

    My daughter has just been diagnosed on her 10th bday for type 1 diabetes and it's the most terrifying thing to imagine how we are going to manage this! 💔 praying we get through this and one day soon will feel this confidence about management of this condition 🙏

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    My 3 years old son has type 1 diabetes and it's the 2nd day he's in the hospital and it's very hard for us I don't know how I'm gonna manage this.

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