Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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“Lung cancer does not mean an absence of hope.” Dr. David Tom Cooke, head of thoracic surgery at UC Davis Health, answers commonly asked questions about lung cancer, including symptoms, causes and treatment options for patients.

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center:
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0:00 What causes lung cancer?
0:30 What are the symptoms of lung cancer?
1:09 Should more people get lung cancer screening?
1:41 How is lung cancer treated?

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  2. Automobiles Are Fun

    My father has lung Cancer I'm praying he gets healed. I'm also looking into more alternatives for him. How can I get more info?

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  4. Pacita Felisco

    What is the treatment of coughing out blood doc.

  5. Mike Paulo

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  6. s w

    I have dry cough for a year. It gets worse, I am scared. I am booking a CT-scan without support of my health insurance.

  7. Cancer News TV

    that was an informative video well keep up the good work

  8. Ken Kannon

    Many non Rush Limbaugh fans would still find it helpful if you would follow the non-private treatment Rush is going through
    What are you gleaming from public data? What are other fellow experts saying–in layman's terms?

    A cold evaluation as well as failure of Rush by your fellow experts would be helpful

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