Lung cancer survivor discusses his lung cancer treatment

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Before Tom Barber was diagnosed with lung cancer, he had a recurring cough that doctors repeatedly treated with antibiotics. A CT scan later revealed a 4-6 cm tumor in the upper lobe of his lung. For his lung cancer treatment, he underwent a video-assisted thoracotomy (also known as a lobectomy) at MD Anderson in August 2009.

Within three weeks, he was back at the gym lifting weights. He has subsequently completed 5K and 10K runs, a half-marathon and two triathlons. Barber says his quality of life after lung cancer treatment is even better than it was before lung cancer.

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  1. Susan Hutchison

    Did I just watch a commercial for a cancer treatment hospital?

  2. Inmemoryofsebastian

    My husband had stage 4 Lung Cancer in 2013 started with a cough that didn't go away went for a few chemo treatments which made him worst and died 3 months later, I think today they have better treatments for Lung Cancer.

  3. Tank

    I was with my wife today at the hostpital because she was pregnant and we had to go for an abortion the reason why is that we werent ready and dont have a stable job and it was just unexpected and while i was with her at the hostpital my mother texted my wife that they went to the doctor with my father because he has been coughing non stop and the result that the doctor told them that my father have a lung cancer he doesnt smoke he doesnt drink he avoids things that will do harm to your bad but still he got it 😭😭 i dont wanna lose my father we need him god pleasee cure him 😭 give him strength to fight on send angels to guars him please 🙏😭

  4. IamFantastic

    Guys pls pray for my mother she has lungs cancer pls guys pls pray for her😭😭

  5. SuePete

    This is a great story. Wish it could be this great for everyone. My best friend had lung cancer and refused chemo/radiation, thinking she could heal herself by starting a keto diet. Yes, it made no sense, but she wasn't thinking clearly at the time and was misled by others. She passed away 90 days after the tumor(s) were found in both lungs via a simple x-ray at the ER.

  6. Karen Bishop

    How is this man today in 2019?

  7. Rita Ranee

    May God bless and give strength to endure

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