Lung Cancer Immunotherapy with Dr. Leena Gandhi

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Dr. Leena Gandhi leads a discussion on the latest immunotherapy for lung cancer patients. #CRIsummit #immunotherapy #LungCancer

In this video, Dr. Gandhi addresses:
– Different forms of lung cancer and different stages of disease
– PD-1 or PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors
– Cancer immunotherapy clinical trials
– Combination therapies, such as surgery + immunotherapy or radiation + immunotherapy
– Cancer biomarkers, such as PD-L1 or TMB-H
– Treatment regimen decisions, such as length of treatment
– Partial vs complete response to treatment
– Cancer immunotherapy side effects
– Flu vaccine and cancer immunotherapy
– Lung cancer care during COVID-19
– Advice for those newly diagnosed with lung cancer

As the most common cancer worldwide, lung cancer impacts approximately 2.1 million people each year. Hope for millions is on the horizon as the lung cancer death rate in the United States has dropped dramatically over the last few years with the introduction of new treatments, including immunotherapy. Immunotherapy for lung cancer, alone or in combination with conventional treatments, can significantly improve outcomes for lung cancer patients.

Dr. Leena Gandhi is the director of the Center for Cancer Therapeutic Innovation at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She was previously the director of Thoracic Medical Oncology at NYU and the head of Immuno-Oncology Development at Eli Lilly. She was a lead investigator on a pivotal phase 1 clinical trial that showed the usefulness of using PD-L1 as a biomarker for patients receiving anti-PD-L1 checkpoint immunotherapy as well as the lead investigator of a pivotal phase 3 study showing the survival benefit of adding pembrolizumab (Keytruda®) to chemotherapy in the initial treatment of metastatic lung cancer. She continues to work on evaluations of potential biomarkers that can better extend and refine the use of immunotherapies and combination therapies to maximize benefit for the most patients.

The 2020 CRI Virtual Immunotherapy Patient Summit is part of the Cancer Research Institute’s Answer to Cancer Patient Education Program. Established in 1953, the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to harnessing our immune system’s power to control and potentially cure all cancers. Our mission: Save more lives by fueling the discovery and development of powerful immunotherapies for all types of cancer. To accomplish this, we rely on donor support and collaborative partnerships to fund and carry out the most innovative clinical and laboratory research around the world, support the next generation of the field’s leaders, and serve as the trusted source of information on immunotherapy for cancer patients and their caregivers.

Cancer Research Institute is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit under EIN 13-1837442. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable under the law.

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  1. Lillian wisdom

    I am scheduled to have surgery for lung cancer stage one April 4th. You said even in early stages it can come back so are you saying I should get immunotherapy instead of surgery? I am confused 🤔

  2. Virtual Treadmill Walk, Nature Sounds

    Thanks for sharing! 🇺🇸❤️

  3. priyanka chaudhary

    Mam my father has adenocarcina lung stage 4 his all boi markers are negative pdl1 is also negative.. Right now he has completed his 4cycles chemotherapy.. Can we add immunotherapy with rest of chemotherapy cycles.. Plz suggest mam

  4. adg654

    I had the misfortune of contacting lung cancer and is now undergoing this treatment since three months ago. Regarding side effects…the worst I find is dry moiuth and loss of appetite. The tongue has lost its sense of taste. Without appetite it would be hard to recover. This is one area the drug makers should focus on..
    Thank you

  5. rechelle latagan

    Hi Dr. Ghandi im rechelle from. Phil my boy friend diagnosed lung cancer stage 4 is there any recommendation how he can live long please help us tha k you in advance its been 1 week since he diagnosed lung cancer he live in chula vista california please help us

  6. Vivek Mundhra

    Hello ma'am. My mother has CA lung adenocarcinoma. She is on ceretinib since 6 months. But since last couple of months her CRP levels are extremely high and she is probably having drug induced toxicities. So what to do now?

  7. Digital Nomad

    Can nivolumab be taken once a month ??? ..will it still be effective than taking it every fortnight 😮

  8. Brenda Jackson

    Good day doctor my name is brenda jackson I have stage 4 non operable cancer as well as a a small dark spot in my colon since I cant do chemo are radiation any suggestions

  9. Lusitano Viriato

    Dr. Gandhi, I can have some hope on your knowledge.
    I have Malignant Pleura Mesothelioma. I had Cryoablation overseas (not in the USA) and it seems that it worked, however, have other nodules growing and I am worried because in Australia Cryoablation is not used and I do not like chemotherapy because of side effects and the collateral damage it can cause to other organs, meaning…the treatment is as bad as the disease.
    So, I would like to ask you about the benefits of immunotherapy on its own, or, Photo Dynamic Therapy if you are aware of this treatment.
    Thanking you in advance for your precious time spent on your reply.

  10. parvin farshinobar

    Dr Gandhi. Does medical insurance cover immunitheraoy .? I am under chemo treatment after colon cancer surgery , But. Iam. Feeling worse can you. Help. Me?

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