LOW IMPACT home cardio workout – fat burner – NO EQUIPMENT!

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Join the team and get RESULTS! Take part in over 500 workouts, countless workout plans, and lots of support from everybody at Team Body Project.

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  1. Mahendra Wijayasinghe

    We are in our early 70s and have followed your programs during the pandemic. They helped us to keep fit and flexible. Thank you so much! You are a gift from Australia to the world! We send our warmest wishes and love to all at Team Body Project.

  2. Jami

    Anybody know what songs are playing in this video???

  3. ユマのクレイジー永遠

    27:50 minutes but I had to babysit my little brother so now I can't do it anymore

  4. kikito

    What's the name of the song he uses in the end I like it a lot by I cant find it

  5. dinie jalil

    I did it! Easy to follow.. Low impact but im sweating a lot.im proud of myself that i did it.

  6. Gina Lynn Guesby

    I'm trying to find the music you use in this video….

  7. Noemi Juarez Ebromarea

    Exelente rutina me encantó 👌😍

  8. Grethe Kleynhans

    My favourite workout this far. Keep the groove comin' 🕺

  9. Delgado Darlyn

    This is my 4th day doing this exercise!!

  10. Jacqueline

    Oh i love this one! still one of my faves! I'd not done it for awhile because since joining I was doing all different team body project workouts. Today decidec to see if this was still a fave. It is! Thanks!! from Jac

  11. bestXXjoyrideXXfan


  12. Filipe

    So I just did this workout. And as someone who was in the military and has worked warehouse jobs, this workout right here has got me sweating. This is the type of PT the military should be doing instead of running 6 miles 3 times a week!

  13. Magdalena Mrowka

    Thanks a lot, I really enjoyed those exercises! time to get back on track and I see those videos will help me a lot!!!💋

  14. Aleksandar Jovanović

    I've just finished my first ever cardio session. It felt great and I was happy for having finished it properly. Thanks!

  15. Mary Speight

    This has got to be one of the most intense workouts I've done with Team Body Project. I've tried it twice before and stopped not even halfway through. I've conquered today!! I completed it!! I've done almost all the workouts on I have a few favorites that I come back to, but I am so glad I finished this one! "Come on!"

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