Low impact, beginner, fat burning, home cardio workout. ALL standing!

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Today’s beginner cardio workout can be taken part at your own pace, pause whenever you have to and enjoy moving.
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  1. Chaira Pelobello

    Thank you for creating this, I started in January 8 and stumble with your 10 mins. low impact exercise,it was fun, effortless and very encouraging every week i was adding 5 mins. it got to 15 mins. then 20, 25 and now 30 mins. exercise. I've never been so much happier of how I came far that started with small actions. I didn't regret it, I could've been binging myself to death now if I hadn't found this. The change has impacted me a lot, it made me much more body confident. It's now March, and I'm planning to finish 30 days using this 30 mins.low impact exercise and I'm continuing, I'm not going back to bad habits or stopping this progress.Thank you, this has been a life changer…❤

  2. 하니HANI

    i started this workout today, and it has made me sweat out alot! will be subscribing to bring me closer to my goal weight!! 😊💪

  3. Vantaze

    total bshit compare to other cardio

  4. Dottie A

    Music was great, pace was perfect, and the accent was a bonus! I hadn't done cardio for a while, only yoga, but I knew I needed to start adding it. I hurt my wrist is how I found it. If you have an injury you can still do this workout. Thank you!

  5. Marcia Moore

    This was a great workout to Jumpstart the body! And your very encouraging!

  6. Daphne rodrigo

    I just need to know how many calories does this burn? Just need for my tracking

  7. Ildikó Kalmár

    Wonderful!!!! Thank you Body Project Tem

  8. Rose Panik

    Thank you for this! I really struggle with exercising mentally, but hearing your words of encouragement and positivity really got me through it. I feel very fulfilled and I am both happy and sweaty; two things I usually do not feel simultaneously.

  9. Alberto Rafael Viña

    Es un exelente ejercicio.gracias

  10. Karen D

    Hello Team,
    Thank you for the great workout! I am 60 years old and was able to complete it, I like the talk!!

  11. Heather Frampton

    Whew, that was a great workout in a 1/2 hour! 💪😜🙂😁❤️Thanks for this workout, its modifications and the seconds countdowns. 😁 I high-fived all of you from our living room. 😁❤️🙌🙌🙌

  12. Millie Aviles

    My first time here 3/1/2022!! I have osteoarthritis in both of my knees, over 100lbs overweight and it was very light on my joints. Thank you 😊

  13. bell

    My weight is 280 lbs and I’m 5’9 I’m going to journal my journey out here lol

    Day 1: It was definitely challenging and super tiring. I don’t even remember how much water I drank..

    Day 2: The workout went by much much faster. It’s kinda fun and encouraging now! Also, super tired.

    Day 3: I did it 2 times today, can’t even explain.

    Day 4: It feels SO much easier than what it was like on day 1…

    Day 5: My entire family joined in so it helped the motivation! I can start to feel the progress!!

  14. Moony

    Day 1 My heart is pounding, Im breathing hard, my palms are clammy while doing this workout. I made it to 17 minutes and had to stop because I felt like my heart was going to explode. Tomorrow my goal is to get as close to the end of the video as possible. Starting weigh in 149 pounds (I will update the weight once a month)
    (Todays edit) My son (8) wanted to do the workouts with me so i did them again until the 18 minute mark.
    Day 2 My legs hurt so bad today! I am proud to say I made it through almost the entire video and my legs feel like noodles but I did it until 25 minutes in! Tomorrow I plan to be able to make it through the entire video.
    Day 3 My son (8) and myself have finished the entire video and we are both sweaty and exhausted! So proud of ourselves.
    Day 4 I almost stopped half way through because my legs were burning but i pushed through to the very end once again! I plan on keeping up with this workout every day until I feel like I need to move on to something more difficult.

  15. Samsuddin M. ILYAS


  16. adyasha _

    Day 1: My heart was pumping so hard towards the last workout (punches) that I had to pause, lie down for a few mins and then continued from where I left. Hoping it gets better tomorrow!!
    Day 2: It definitely got better! I kept in mind that I need to breath while working out not keep it in, that helped and the workout in general didn't feel impossible. I didn't take any breaks today.
    Day 3: A bit more sweaty today but I made it through without any breaks! It definitely felt more normal than the last 2 days.
    Day 4: A little extra sweaty, wasn't feeling like working out but still completed it and ngl it feels easier.
    Day 5: I don't feel much tired today, just normal soreness. I think I'll do it for tomorrow then go on for a new workout!
    Day 6: I started with Chloe ting's 2022 weightloss challenge and after that I continued with this!! I don't feel as much tired or weird working out anymore but rather I feel more energetic or enthusiastic to try at least!

  17. Maria Bienessa Gatela

    This is the first exercise video that I didn't feel depressed, I'm actually having fun.

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