Low-Fat or Low-Carb Diet–Which Is Better for Weight Loss? | Morning Report

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With today’s obesity epidemic, finding the best weight loss diet has become a mission. A new study explores whether there is a clear winner in the debate between a low-carb and a low-fat diet.

Research suggests that people may benefit from individualized weight loss programs based on genotype patterns or baseline insulin secretion. Genotype patterns refer to three genes important for fat and carb metabolism.
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Dara-Lynn Weiss stands by her decision to restrict her obese daughter’s diet.

For more on this story, click here: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/lifestyle/2012/03/moms-diet-for-7-year-old-daughter-in-vogue-sparks-backlash/
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  4. mark rush

    we have been told in the USA to eat low fat for 40 years…where has it gotten us? obesity and nearly half of us are diabetic or pre diabetic. corn flakes and skim milk and a banana on top with a glass of OJ was sold to us as a very healthy meal when it fact it was a meal with little nutritional benefit and enough carbs to kill a horse. its the carbs thats killing us..not healthy fats.

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  9. terah101

    The meta-analyses of low carb vs low fat studies have been done, and as long as you remain in a caloric deficit and consume enough protein, it makes ZERO difference, you will lose weight no matter what. The most important thing is that you cut CALORIES and EXERCISE. The amount of "carbophobia" and "fructophobia" we have in our fitness and health industries is genuinely concerning.

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  12. Kell Brigan

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  15. Dam Big Foot

    Low Carb and Low Sugar is the best. What makes people fat is feel good Bakery products that have High Carbs and High Sugar. Someone eating bacon and spoonfuls of peanut butter do not get fat unless they eat excess amounts.

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  17. Truth In your face

    Don't listen to these people
    They have vested interest

  18. Debra Seiling

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  20. Kia Raisdana

    I bet the sugar cartel paid for this research lol

  21. sarah Sangno

    There’s nothing wrong with that mother who care about baby and her future consequences she may will go through it’s a early lesson later on it’ll easy for her to do. It’s about healthy

  22. Joyce Goldsmith

    I am so happy for Brianna and her family! Brianna and her family all worked together to make her healthy! I think this film would be great motivation for others with weight problems.

  23. F1barbie

    shouldn't have let her daughter get to that point to begin with.

  24. Jesse Reiter

    Anyone interferes with that mother should be on bread and water for three days mind your own business.

  25. maja

    it's only ok if it's not strict and bad ONLY if it's making them hurt / hurting there health

  26. Warren's Movie Collector

    When Lil Warren was Skinny around 5 or 6 Years Old, He Gained Weight from Eat Go-Gurt, Easy Mac, Chicken Stars and Kid Cuisine. He never eat veggies at all.

    He eats Carl's Jr every day, and Kid Cuisine or Easy Mac every day.

  27. Michelle J

    Bringing your 9 year old daughter on an international show telling everyone she's clinically obese. Well done mom👏 life long eating disorder activated

  28. Sheree Vitale

    I pray for God to protect this mother and her daughter at least she cares enough about her daughter to teach her daughter to be healthy its disgusting how people attack people who stand up for what's right

  29. None

    Why is the doctor fat?!
    A healthy diet would only be considered bad in America.

  30. Pavan Kumar Bomma

    I wish my family members to help me 🙏😥😓😨😰😓😓 in diet

  31. Pavan Kumar Bomma

    Thankyou to make diet video because I have some fat my half kg loos and I have lost half kg

  32. Scarlett

    I don't like how vegetables taste and the texture, it's th e same for fruits.

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  34. Americo Hagim

    Lol that’s the opposite with me. My dad thinks I’m “too skinny” so I’m forced to eat 1000+ per meal full of unhealthy foods and I’m not allowed to exercise gained 20lbs in a few weeks

  35. Armytastic

    this is how my best friend got an eating disorder and now shes anorexic, she was overweight at the age of 10 she came to my house crying telling me shes hates her body i told her we can start to eat healthy and no more junk food and go on runs but her mom decided that was not it and put her on a diet where she only had 800 calories a day for about 1 week or so.

    shes now 16 and always in and out the hospital, im so worried for her every day, so please do not put ur little kids on strict diets

  36. Cake

    Yes, cause it is illegal to try and make her daughter healthy.

    Fucking wake up you internet Thots, y'all need to grow up this lady is litteraly trying to help her fucking be healthy you guys need to leave them alone.

    Obese kids should ask their parents for help to loose weight, she is a adult, she is a child. The child needs to be healthy. I need you guys to freaking think with your smooth brains, the child's brain didn't handle that she couldn't eat junk food, except it or leave it, she is fine now, no abuse, no negative things.

  37. adds jo

    Nobody I know let's their kids eat sugar

  38. luvforashlee

    i wish my mom did that to me while i was young so i wouldnt realize

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