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Today I am reviewing the NEW Love Fitness Apparel Impact Collection ft items such as Impact Cropped Jacket, Impact Runners, Impact Sports Bra, Elite Pocket Shorts + Essential Leggings. Use discount code MR10 to save ♡

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How to Make Clothes like ALPHALETE & GYMSHARK

A lot of us want to start our own fitness clothing brand and create a line of products that are the same quality as Alphalete and Gymshark!

In this video, I hope to share my experience of creating my own fitness clothing line within this last year and give you the most direct, practical steps for you to do the same!

Video Topics Shortcuts:

– A Common Mistake Beginners Make 1:40
– Where to Find a Manufacturer 3:42
– How to Contact Them 5:45
– Getting a Sample & the Cost 7:12
– Ordering in Bulk & Expenses9:35
– My Personal Experience: 10:52

PODCAST: “Starting a Clothing Line (Where to get Samples):

AMP Trainer’s Hats:





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  1. michellrahima

    Don't forget to use my discount code MR10 if you check out Love Fitness Apparel 🙂

  2. Jessica Parsell

    Girl!! SO cute! Love all of the pieces on you! 😀

  3. Emmy L.

    Ugh, what a babe!! The in-lining shorts are a 🏆 winner for me!!!

  4. Kristie

    I miss you Michell 💛 You look gorgeous!

  5. Austin Pace

    Drop your Clothing Brand's name below!

  6. Philipe Reis

    Finally a great video about something I really wanted to know, all the videos out there is just a “start a Shopify, dropshipping” or some kind of bullshit crap clothing brands.
    I’m really looking to design and make something that I myself will actually use and this video is really good in explaining that. Thanks man!

  7. Marco Escalante

    Very informative video you make it seem easier then what it seems like

  8. Eric Knucklez - Topic

    Thanks for the great advice handsome

  9. alondra castro

    Thank you so much for this video.

  10. RAY Seidel

    Really good content,,,Much appreciated

  11. breakinankles92

    concise, comprehensive! very generous with the info! thank you. subscribed!!

  12. Luvlykeek

    Austin…. Thank you for this info. Your logo is unique. Keep it. It makes you different from the rest!
    Do you mind sharing your manufacturer for the black short sleeve tapered hoodie?

  13. None

    No one actually explains the process.
    1. Do any companies offer print on demand activewear? Or do you have to order wholesale and hope that someone will buy your products?
    2. Do you have to ship the products yourself each time you get an order?
    3. How do you get pics of your logo on their clothing, for your website?
    No explains any of this!
    Are you able to use the word “Athletics” as you’re brand? Isn’t that copyrighted?

  14. James Horner

    Thanks for the videos buddy. Do you have whatsapp or another way of contacting you?

  15. KrisAlexa

    You didn't try hard enough to find a US manufacturer. There are plenty of us that do custom cut and sew right here in the good ole USA. Keep your fellow Americans employed by supporting our businesses. You get the opportunity to work directly with a designer that can edit on the spot and rush samples to you. We source all of our supplies from US mills first. These are family run factories and not unethical sweat shops. We work the same long and hard hours that you do so you can rest assured we will answer the PHONE on a weekend or when you want to brainstorm at 1am. It's a struggle to keep up with the overseas competition but the level of service you are going to get from us cannot be beat.


    You probably won't reply to this but who's your manufacturer?

  17. Martin Hayward

    That's not true, Ben actually started printing on other brands and re-labelling

  18. Nate Yee

    Austin! Bro your content is so valuable!! Thanks for making this video! Keep it up! 👏👏👏

  19. Hayden Taylor

    awesome video! can you tell us which manufactures you went with? especially your black tapered hoodie. as well as your hats! thanks

  20. Kiki Vega

    Great video but why you’re armpits so sweaty lol

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