London Vision Clinic | ReLEx SMILE | Live laser eye surgery | Professor Dan Reinstein

London Vision Clinic | ReLEx SMILE | Live laser eye surgery | Professor Dan Reinstein
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London Vision Clinic | ReLEx SMILE | Live laser eye surgery | Professor Dan Reinstein

In this video, Professor Dan Reinstein performs a ReLEx SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) – a keyhole type of LASIK procedure – filmed in real-time to demonstrate the full 3 and-a-half minute procedure from multiple angles. The superior design and optical precision of the Carl Zeiss Meditec Visumax femtosecond makes it the only femtosecond laser that is accurate enough to perform laser eye surgery through a keyhole incision in the cornea without the need for creating a flap and disruption of the corneal nerves and tearfilm that results from flap creation in the standard LASIK technique. The patient is only in contact with the device is less than 40 seconds with extremely low contract force such that the patient feels effectively nothing, there are no red splodges (subconjunctival haemorages) left behind. From the surgeons’ standpoint the laser procedure is one step: contact with the patient cornea and lenticule creation. The accuracy of ReLEx SMILE has been shown to be higher than that of LASIK in that it is far more accurate for higher prescriptions, and ReLEx smile can perform treatment for myopia / short-sightedness from -1.00 to -10 and in some instances up to -14 D.

For more information about laser eye surgery and ReLEx smile (keyhole LASIK), please contact the London Vision Clinic on 020 7224 1005.

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Business Insider’s Michelle Yan has been nearsighted since she was 9 years old. After laser eye surgery, she has 20/20. She walks us through the pre-surgery steps, the actual surgery which the doctor referred to as a spa for eyes, as well as the recovery process.

Don’t miss the suggestions and recommendations she has for all those who are planning to undergo laser eye surgery for themselves, towards the end.


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What It’s Like To Get Laser Eye Surgery
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    I feel like my eyes become blank while watching this 🕳️👄🕳️✨

  2. Blue Bee

    Imagine if you were awake for this 😉

  3. Samdeesh Pal

    Wow….amazing …If this was performed 8 years back…what will be the technology now…

  4. Jelly Fox

    Everyone see this please :

    Dont waste your eyes
    be happy you have healtly eyes
    or you gonna end like this

    Like if you think its true

  5. Roaster girl

    This is for sequent eye also !???

  6. ltz frenzy Elisha

    Meeting DR ogbomon on YouTube is like meeting GOD himself, finally I'm free from Herpes. Thanks to Dr Ogoh. Keep saving lives doctor,,

  7. Aziengbe Cogbebor

    Meeting you dr Ogbomon on YouTube is like meeting GOD himself because, what you did in my life is what no other doctor can do. Thank you for curing my herpes virus completely🤢

  8. Alice Rose Focus

    I am please with the medication Dr ogbomon on YouTube gave me to cure my herpes simplex virus 1 & 2 permanently🌿🌿🌿

  9. Abhinand Ram

    The fact is that there will be only positive comments because the person who got negative effect can't come and comment here 🥲

  10. Victor R


  11. Hexicin

    But wont having the patients eye open for so long be dangerous?

  12. wab2000

    Going to do the surgery in 2 weeks. Wish me luck 👁👄👁

  13. Vic Richards

    If anyone is considering getting laser eye surgery, please, please think very carefully. The fact is laser eye surgery is extremely dangerous. I've had it done myself and it has ruined my life. Years on, my vision is the worst it has ever been and I am still in pain. In fact, most people who have told me they have had it done, have also had some kinds of problems, many of them serious and life-changing. Research seems to bear this out, suggesting that the majority of patients have some kind of problems.

    Please take anything you are told by the companies with a pinch of salt. If you are still tempted, make sure you seek advice from an independent optometrist or ophthalmologist who has nothing to gain by you having surgery.

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