Life Time's CEO sees 'healthy living village' concept as wave of the future

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Life Time opened a new 200,000 sq. ft., multi-million dollar club on the site of the old JC Penney in Edina’s Southdale Mall.

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  1. Colin Tate

    I just went for the first time today and stayed for over 4 hours and then went to the sushi bar that is connected to it. You can live in that place. It's an amazing private club!

  2. Progressive Libertarian Viewer A

    Lifetime® gyms are great but not necessarily for getting in great shape. Let's not forget that Lou Ferrigno's gains were made in small and dark dungeon somewhere in Brooklyn..

  3. Sherre H

    Well, you know ordinary working janes and joes won't be able to afford this. No healthy living for the masses..thanks for another high-paying unusable renovated space for everyday people..

  4. GacJpc

    How’s that COVID plan working out huh buddy?

  5. Comprehension Password

    JC Penny.
    24th club in Twin Cities.

  6. al zarrin

    Bahram,s Message touched our hearts.

  7. B Perez

    They desperately need beach volleyball

  8. Joe Smith

    I would really be interested in getting a condo in LifeTime VIllage, if it has a view of historic Kenny's House.

  9. Ben Hove

    It's surreal to watch this on 4/7/2020, as the world economy collapses from corona virus.

  10. RFI-Crypto Lab

    That guy has a napoleon complex.

  11. Trainer

    We need more locations in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 personal trainer specialist sports nutrition

  12. Lucky Ahmed

    that is boring. living and working at the same location

  13. [ 미국태권도 TV ] BestMasterOh

    Awesome News!

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