Life Time Oakbrook Grand Opening

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Please join us in welcoming Life Time Oakbrook to the family! Have you SEEN the pool on the rooftop? Take a look! We’re really excited about our 155th destination, the beginning of a new and exciting journey Life Time is on. It’s all possible here:
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  1. iDrizzyT

    so skeptical about signing up here.. 160 a month which is not terrible, but they just closed the sauna and steam rooms from what i hear. don't know why at all. i mean, you obviously pay for two of the best things the gym has to offer. why close that but leave open the pools, hot tubs, and everything else? on top of that, it's a 100 dollar charge just to use the pools on the roof. Like illinois is only warm for what, 3 months/4 months? can't consider that worth. other than that, if certain stuff is closed, you should be giving discounts to people for the crap that's closed. At least for me, i'm not signing up till everything in the gym is available to use.

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