Left Eye Cataract Surgery

Left Eye Cataract Surgery
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Left Eye Cataract Surgery

Removal of my natural lens and cataract, and implantation of artificial lens. Dr. Rand at Rand Eye Insitute.
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Are you experiencing blur and cloudy vision and struggling with your daily activities such as watching television or reading newspapers? You may have Cataract, an eye condition where the natural lens in your eye becomes progressively cloudy due to ageing. Watch this video to learn more about the causes and treatment for this condition.

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  3. Elena Gilbert

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    Watch this video to know treatments of cataract


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  5. Online Sai Dasa


    Some facts about cataract

    1.       Cataract surgery can be performed in any season. The associated myth that rainy season should be avoided can be ignored as advance cataract removal technology and medication is available.

    2.       We should have cataract removed whenever it starts affecting our daily life and we need not wait for it to mature as that can cause complications.

    3.       Eye drops cannot dissolve cataract and surgery is the only effective method.

    4.       Cataract is a day care procedure with fast recovery

    5.       Cataract surgery can be safely performed even in hypertensive and diabetic patients.



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    Thanking for giving me information about cataract


    Thanking for giving me information about cataract

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