Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure Video

Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure Video
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Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure Video

Contact us to find out more A video of an actual lasik eye surgery procedure taking place, using VisuMax and MEL 80 at the London Vision Clinic.

Visit to find out more about the laser eye surgery process.
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  1. Larry Smith


  2. Charles Garcia

    Had LASIK done over 20 years ago – it wonderful to see with glasses. The procedure does not last forever but it gave me 30 years of life without glasses

  3. Gurveer Sangha

    Omer Chaudhry is great. Ahson Babar is great. Sleepover. Great Grandparents. Minhaj and husna alegoz. Masjid alhuda. Jaspreet and jasmine. Jasvir Sangha. Baba nazir shah. Baby manat sangha. Mcdonalds food. Nasa space mission. Star wars. Super Mario Brothers. Hi ok. NFL Madden, xbox. Nintendo. Playstation.

  4. Yams

    Omg I’m scared but I want to do it so bad

  5. Brighto

    Literally how far the modern technology has gone and how promising today's eye surgeries are
    I'm sure in near future there are gonna be even better and safer surgeries than today
    It's amazing

  6. kenster ken

    Are you awake while they do this?

  7. Antione Jones

    My Appointment Is March 17th nervous Asf 😬

  8. Midnight Lullaby

    I can watch this procedure as many times as I like but I doubt I'll ever be brave enough to get it done

  9. sureiguess1

    70% better???? wtf??? I thought it was a 100% 20/20 correction procedure? am i wrong? will he get perfect vision after a few weeks or something????

  10. Tuity 33

    😟 Welp… I guess I’ll be wearing glasses and contacts the rest of my life…😒

  11. Tuity 33

    How does your eye stay open with that type of pressure applied
    without blinking and it seems so scary 😟 can you see the tools and feel the pressure from them

  12. Pradeep Singh

    I will undergo LASIK after 2 weeks from now and now after watching this video I have increased heartbeats.

  13. WHAT

    It’s scary, but I still want it done. I hate wearing glasses lol.

  14. Abhinand R🚶

    The fact is that there will be only positive comments because the person who got negative effect can't come and comment here 🥲

  15. freezing71

    Any questions out there? I’d be pleased to answer any and all

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