Laser Eye Surgery | The Patient Experience

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Contact us to find out more Professor Dan Reinstein talks about how the laser used in laser eye surgery interacts safely with the cornea’s outer layer of tissue, while patient Alex Cookson mentions some of the advantages of laser eye surgery in comparison to wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Visit for more information on the laser eye surgery procedure.
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  1. Ww Ww

    My dream is to be a doctor and eye surgeon, and I hope one day to perform these operations and help people see better, I'm so excited to do this ,your prayers🙏❤❤

  2. BloodDemon Art

    Great opportunity come with great risk I Wana do it but wish I didn't watch this before tryna get one

  3. ClutchXL

    I had my surgery this friday so far so good. I’m still getting over my light sensitivity. And the eye peeling really isn’t that bad. Before they got to that part for me at least they numbed my eyes 4 times.

  4. skeleton flower

    I did this surgery yesterday. You'll feel nothing during the surgery and it'll be done under 15 minutes. So far i don't feel any pain and i can see clearly. I've been wearing glasses for almost 20 years and this was totally worth it

  5. Juan Marreo .

    flashbacks from that one final destination scene

  6. gabrielbzimmerman

    You could teach people how to feel their Qi and develop their gaze (book of 5 rings).

  7. Sumeriko

    Imagine an earthquake occured during the procedure and gets the eye *****

  8. Mark Shawn

    how does the eye flap not come open with him moving his eye around? f*ck that

  9. Debadido •

    I’m taking this next month.. umm

  10. SALINA’s WAY

    I also wnt to do it but im broke🥲🥲

  11. Sir Noxy

    This motivated me to wear my glasses

  12. Nafis Sadik

    who is planning for lasic like me…

    i think Allah always help us.. Inshallah🥰


    Why tha fuck I'm here ?

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