Laser Eye Surgery in Six Minutes

Laser Eye Surgery in Six Minutes
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Laser Eye Surgery in Six Minutes

Each year, millions of Americans pay to have their eyeballs poked, prodded, suctioned, sliced and zapped with a laser. In exchange, their vision is corrected. In this video, we go inside an operating room at Acuity Laser Eye and Vision Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to watch Dr. Steven Vale, who has done over 20,000 surgeries, perform lasik eye surgery. See for yourself!

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  1. praylin varziha

    I think iam ok with my glasses if I became blind my husband handle me but I don't do this treatment thankyou 😢😢😢😢😢

  2. Lalil Jayaram

    Dear viewers .. Please don't go for surgery…Many patients have suicided after surgery..Ur original vision will be lost permanently.. Doctors do Lazic just to loot money and improve their busines…Later don't regret after the surgery.. Because Ur cornea Damaged which is permanent and cannot be recovered

  3. ajay saini

    My spec power 👉
                     Right eye
    SPH +5.00  CYL -5.00  AXIS 180'
                      Left eye
    SPH +5.00  CYL  -5.00  AXIS 175'
    Can i go for lesik surgery
    Suggest me



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  5. Andrew Lewis

    I did this back in February. I was afraid of doing it, especially after watching a video of the operation! However, it's been totally worth it!

  6. Shane Grele

    oh god I'm so nearsighted but I'm never getting this I'm terrified to go blind from a complication from it

  7. harjinder kaur

    My friend told me he is very happy with new vision 🤓before 👈👉😎after

  8. ace basher

    What is the long term effect after the laser treatment?

  9. Mira Tarnish

    So with my severe fear of eye injury, that was the single longest 6 minutes of my life. I do feel a lot better afterwards though. But now my eyes sort of hurt…

  10. Cyfer Perez

    So my question is…. If you are put to sleep. Are you able to see the whole thing?

  11. Park Seung Hee

    this is definitely one of the neatest procedures out there

  12. Uranusfog

    > <" OK i guess i'll stick with glasses for now!

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