Laparoscopic Colectomy

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A colectomy is usually done to treat diseases that inflame your colon, a bowel obstruction, colon cancer, or a damaged or injured colon. The anatomy of the colon, and the laparoscopic procedure done to remove a portion of the colon, are depicted.

ANH18221 In this patient education video for Colorectal Surgical Associates in Houston, Texas, learn more about CSA’s laparoscopic surgical procedure to remove colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. For more information please visit our website: or call (713)-790-0600.
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  1. Tootsla 125

    My husband had this exact emergency operation last night. His colon was blocked, perforated and leaking. He was probably 36 hours from going septic and dying. He’s doing fine. Not thrilled to have a colostomy bag, but it will be reconnected in 6 months. And he’s really glad he’s not dead!

  2. itS M3 dud3

    how is the pooping works because now the colon is small and i think now the person have to go to toilet twice a day

  3. Anthony Pollard

    23 at the time I’m 24 now, just had this done and also a appendix surgery to remove it. Sometimes it feels like I can feel the staples. I’m just lucky to be alive and lucky that when my appendix ruptured they removed it in time.

  4. Diane Lord

    Manger de l'huile d'olive et boire beaucoup d'eau

  5. kingbro2

    and peggey hill and the doctor were going to do this to hank

  6. Kusogaki

    I don't understand why I keep laughing everytime I hear feces or anus, my sense of humour makes this funny for some reason.

    Anyway, thanks for the straightforward animation, it helps with understanding, I actually have watched a lot of these videos and it helps a lot.

  7. jiekexun maike


  8. Robert Nowak

    Thank you, no more questions, never ever.

  9. Mr AIRobot

    Приятного аппетита!

  10. Александр 75-ый

    Ни хуя не понял….

  11. FranzSantinoPlayz_26

    So thats why take care of your culoms

  12. leira

    The part where the 2 segments are reconnected is beyond amazing since no stitches are made to keep them in place, if I understood correctly.

  13. You Know Crime Don't Pay

    Colonoscopy at 40 yrs old then every 3 years thereafter. If we could only see inside our body. Eat lots of fiber, fruits, vegetables antioxidants.

    Don't take life for granted and think it could never happen to you.

    If there is a God let us all say thank you to the doctors who save us.


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    My brother some problems …

  15. khương nghệ sĩ

    Ko đơn giãn như vậy đâu

  16. Corinne Hernandez

    I had this surgery in February 2021. Stage 2A, colorectal cancer in the Sigmoid junction. Recovered well from surgery. So far I've completed radiation. Last week I started the CAPOX chemotherapy. It's a 21 day cycle.
    Day 1 is Oxaliplatin infusion
    Days 2 to 21 is capecitabine (pills).

    So basically it's a six month treatment of radiation + chemotherapy (pills + infusion).

    So far I'm holding up. I've had minimal side-effects.

    The support I receive from doctors, nurses and hospital staff is very helpful.

    Wishing everyone on here the best.

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  18. BigDudut

    my father died because the join together of colon get failed. .

  19. Garfur Aliser

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  20. Donald Hixon

    Mine was found in colonoscopy sigmoid section stage 3 low risk had surgery 6 months chemo doing well

  21. Rajendar Chouhan

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  23. Daniel R

    Do they put ya on anistastisa while they perform this surgery? I just wanted to know

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