LA Fitness Review: Is It Worth It?

LA Fitness Review: Is It Worth It?
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If you’re shopping around local health clubs in your area, chances are you have an LA Fitness nearby and you’re wondering if it’s a good fit for you — and if it’s worth the monthly membership fee.

Here’s a complete LA Fitness review — from how much it costs, to the equipment and amenities — before you sign a contract.

LA Fitness has a pretty simple pricing structure, unlike some other big box gym in the same price range.

Depending on location, expect to pay about twenty five to thirty five dollars per month with a year long contract, or a little bit more for a shorter commitment.

There may be joining fees and annual fees, though those can usually be negotiated by savvy members.

Members love the price at LA Fitness because it’s simple, it’s affordable, and there’s only one membership tier.

No complicated Gold, Platinum, or premium packages here.

Overall, LA Fitness is a pretty affordable monthly gym membership. The only cheaper options are Crunch and Planet Fitness, but neither measures up when it comes to amenities.

That makes LA Fitness one of the best value gyms around.

LA Fitness should be within most people’s range, but what do members actually get once they join?

When it comes to equipment, LA Fitness clubs are usually quite large and well stocked.

You should be able to find everything you need here.

It won’t stack up to the quantity and selection you might find at a higher-end club like Life Time, but it’s rare that LA Fitness won’t have what you need.

LA Fitness also has lots of room outside of the main machine areas.

Depending on location, you might find a full spin studio, a yoga studio you can use when classes aren’t in session, plus a big matted area for stretching, warmups, and calisthenics.

Most LA Fitness clubs have a ton of group classes.

Better yet, they’re all available as part of your membership, with no extra hidden fees.

The variety and frequency are great, and you could join this gym solely to go to the classes and still get an amazing value.

Most weeks, you can find

Aqua Fit
Power circuit
And more classes on the schedule.

The first class usually starts between 5:45 and 8am most days while the last classes of the day usually start around 7pm.

Thirty dollars per month for all of that sure beats joining most private fitness studios.

LA Fitness usually has a great aquatics area.

Every club is a little different in their offerings, but you’ll typically find:

A pool for lap swimming and aquatics classes
A hot tub
And a sauna or steam room

In any case, it’s all included with the membership.

Check with your local club to see what they’ve got!

Child Care

LA Fitness has excellent child care options available at most of its clubs.

If you plan on dropping your kids off while you work out, expect to pay around -15 per child per month.

The Kids Club staff are certified childcare experts who are well-equipped to look after your little ones while you exercise.

Not all gyms offer childcare, so consider this a huge plus for LA Fitness.

In addition to pools and childcare, LA Fitness has plenty of other great amenities like:

Basketball courts
Personal training
Special events
And more

Take a tour of your local club to see everything it has to offer.

Drawbacks to LA Fitness

LA Fitness is truly one of the best mid-range gyms around. It’s hard to beat the selection of equipment, classes, and other amenities for the price.

But it does have a few drawbacks.

First, LA Fitness can get crowded.

That’s a good sign that it’s a solid value, but it does mean the clubs can get pretty packed during peak hours.

Second, the aquatics are hit and miss

LA Fitness usually has great aquatics set ups, but every location is different.

Some clubs have pools but no hot tubs. Others don’t offer anything.

If you happen to live by a lower-tier LA Fitness, you might be out of luck.

Finally, while LA Fitness is affordable for what it offers, if you’re mostly looking to use the cardio equipment, you’ll get a far better deal at Planet Fitness or Crunch.

LA Fitness is hands-down one of the best value gyms in the country.

It’s a great fit for anyone who likes to lift weights, use the cardio machines, or take different group classes several days a week.

You’ll also usually find a pool at no extra cost, and you’ll get great on-site childcare for just a few extra bucks per month.

However, there are cheaper options available if you don’t need all of these amenities. And if it’s a high end experience you want, try Life Time or Equinox instead.

Overall, though, it’s a good idea to tour your local LA Fitness before you join a gym. No matter what your workout style or budget, this club should definitely be in the running.
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  1. Kevin

    As a general manager ain’t nobody coming into my club negotiating the annual fee. If you do yoh can take yourself right over to Planet Fatness

  2. YessClassics

    Sure LA Fitness is in fact affordable considering the equipments, big space, quality establishment, n variety amentities n sports. But.. Wonder why it is not as crowded as other 'same fee' gyms, like: fitness connection, 24 hrs fitness, anytime fitness, planet fitness.. No doubt LA Fitness is way better than all those even though they're all same monthly fee, but less budy than them. There is no secret, anyone who has been in LA Fitness know their customer service sucks, sadly and in many States we found out their C.S is so poor, the worst: MN, LA, CHICAGO, FL, DFW-TX.. All same system.. All bad.. Witnessing so many arguments n fights between customers n staff many times, really makes you have to walk on eggs n not break them when using their gym. Don't worth the savings to be treated that way, pay more n go to a better gym.

  3. bud ekins

    At last explained in plain English!

  4. LA Fitness

    Need help getting started with strength training? Start yourself off with weight training machines using this #PremiumFitnessTip

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