LA Fitness New Rules and Regulations 2021| CHICAGO & FLORIDA

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RICH CELENZA compares the Chicago (Bolingbrook) LA Fitness to the Florida LA Fitness regarding the rules and regulations during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Below is a list of what is going on at each gym.

Chicago is not having any classes. You cannot use the jacuzzi, sauna, or locker room. You are not allowed to take showers at the gym. There is also no stretching area and you cannot go inside the gymnasium or play racquet/handball. In Chicago, you have your temperature check before entering the gym.

In Florida LA Fitness is still having classes. You can also use the jacuzzi, sauna (only 3 people at a time), and locker rooms are open. You can also shower at the gym. There are stretching areas and you can go into the gymnasium to use the equipment. You are also allowed to play racquet/handball as long as there are no more than two people in the room. In Florida, you don’t always have your temperature checked.

Both gyms expect you to wear a mask at all times and also require that you clean up all equipment before and after use. Gym hours also vary.
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  1. Spenzom bandzz

    Can I shower with my partner?

  2. BrianM23

    When do you think they will reopen in illinois
    I need them to open the sauna ASAP

  3. Sam Clonce

    Only 45 minute visit per day. Wtf!

  4. Skull Krusher

    Yeah it's always a good idea to clean the equipment after you use it the employees that are hired to clean can only do so much it's also common courtesy it may seem like a hassle but you really do need to think about others to during this time of covid when going out to use the gym protect yourself and others anyway you can from getting sick

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