Keep your colon healthy with exercise, healthy foods

Keep your colon healthy with exercise, healthy foods
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Keep your colon healthy with exercise, healthy foods

Most of us prefer not to talk about colon health and take those functions for granted. But many conditions can affect colon health, particularly as we age. A University of Michigan Gastroenterologist discusses diverticulosis and its symptoms and complications, and reminds us that regular colon cancer screening should start at age 50.
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  1. EJ Carranza

    At the age of 45 now as of 2018 and 40 if you're African American.

  2. Abraham Lugo

    I'm studying doing colon cleansing at home and found a great resource at Dajons Health Plan (google it if you are interested)

  3. A3 Skywarrior

    If you just eat fruit and vegetables, your colon will last a lifetime over 100 yrs. Eat like a primate because you are. I'll never get a colonoscopy, nothing to do with geniics, its about the crap food people eat all their lives.

  4. Mimi Orbe

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  5. Daniel Feshar

    Never , never!
    Just exercise and eat healthy
    She needs to have a colonscopy firstly!
    Avoid her and other doctors at all cost. 🙂

  6. devilkazama

    @EssiacHempLaetrile you are a little mistaken

  7. EssiacHempLaetrile

    Phosphoric Acid:
    bathroom cleaner, remove rust stains, etc.

    What do you suppose happens when you consume a soft drink containing Phosphoric Acid to the lining of the small & large intestine (colon)?

    I look forward to your educated reply but I predict a deletion of my comment for this video!

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