Joslin Diabetes Center-Carbohydrate Counting

Joslin Diabetes Center-Carbohydrate Counting
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Learn about the important role Carbohydrate Counting plays in helping to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.
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The Complete Guide to Carb Counting

Hope S. Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, is a nationally recognized dietitian and certified diabetes educator. Hope takes the mystery out of carb counting to improve your blood glucose (sugar) control with tips to measure, serve, and enjoy healthy portions.

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  1. Carlton Phillup Banx

    This is a shitty-ass video, frfr. Who made this???

  2. Joan Emmett

    A very big appreciation to Dr. IGUDIA on YouTube for helping me get rid of my five years old type 2 Diabetes disease with his natural herbs medication. may God continue to bless your good work sir.

  3. Oluchi Amaechi

    What a great joy in my heart after getting a complete cure from Dr Igudia on YouTube for my Type two diabetes with his medication. Thank you very much doc!!!

  4. Ana Membreno

    thank you for this video! I learned a lot! I got this video recommendation from my nutrition professor.

  5. Sylvia Cuellar

    I need help i have my daughter type 1 diabetes

  6. stevebyers9672

    Might as well shut up. I'll never listen to a thing you say – what the health! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jose Torres

    Fucking dumb bitch. This video was just a waste of time. She didn't really show how to count carbs.

  8. Miha Rataj

    I can't imagine carb counting without InRange app anymore. So simple.

  9. Tessa Yakle

    Dietitian is spelled wrong. Red flag.

  10. The Helghast did nothing wrong

    So no real guide, just a giant 4 minute long advertisement for your fucking book.

  11. Jon Italia

    thanks I never knew my palm was 3 oz 🙂  that helps a lot for estimating my meat portions too

  12. Jenniet2002

    I hate to say it but this video was terribly unhelpful.

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