Is your Dog Diabetic? Signs Of a Diabetic Dog

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Is your dog diabetic? Diabetes in dogs is a complex disease caused by either a lack of hormone insulin or an inadequate response to insulin. The most common form of the disease in dogs is Type 1. Here are the signs of diabetic dog. If you see any of these signs you should take your dog to a vertrinarian. Because you love your dog and should take care of your four legged companion.

Signs of a Diabetic dog:

1- Change in appetite:
if you see any unusual change in appetite of your dog, it may be a sign your dog has diabetes. Loss in appetite not all the time refer to as a sign of diabetes. It can be due to an Illness, Injury, your dog has become older, stress or your dog may have had something it should not eat.

2- Excessive thirst:
If your dog is thirsty all the time or drinks so much of water through the day, you should not ignore it. It might be a sign that your dog is diabetic and needs your help. There might be some other reasons your dog drinking so much of water which includes Kidney Problems, Hypercalcemia, Pometra or Cushing’s Diseases

3- Weight loss
Another sign of a diabetic dog is unusual weight loss. If your dog is losing weight it probably is diabetic. Besides any change in diet could sometimes cause weight loss in your dog. Losing weight in small amount is normal in geriatic pets in their growth process.

4- Increased urination
Increase in urination,also referrede to as polyuria, is often refered to as symptom for diabeties in a dog.changes in your dog’s bathroom habits may indicate a health concern but not always.but it is wise to consult your vet if you notice your dog urinating frequently to point out any underlying problems.

5- Unusually sweet-smelling or fruity breath
if you notice unusually sweet or fruity smelling dog’s breath,especially accompanied by your dog drinking and peeing more than usual, then it is defintely an alarming sign and an indicator of better to consult your vet rightaway to determine the underlying causes.

6- Lethargy
if your four legged is napping more and have become lethargic than normal,this could as well be a sign of canine diabetes.lack of energy,weakeness,head tilting,drunkedness and restlessness, all these are signs you should never ignore as are classic signs of diabetes in dogs.

7- Dehydration
dehyration is a dangerous condition where the tissues are low on water and could indicate canine diabetes.tacky or dry gums are great indicators of dehydration.another way to check if your dog is dehydrated is by pinching the skin, if the skin will not snap back quickly then get your dog to the vet to make sure your buddy isn’t diabetic.

8- Urinary tract infections
repeated urinary tract infections could also signal diabetes in dogs.because there is more sugar in the urine, therefore greater are the chances that bacteria will dwell in your pooch’s bladder causing this uncomfortable condition more often.

9- Vomiting
vomitting which is one of the side effects of ketoacidosis, is another sign to indicate diabetes in dogs. If you see your dog vomitting, it probably is diabetic and needs your care. Its better to seek a vetrinarian, because you love your dog.

10- Cataract formation, blindness
diabetes can cause the formation of catarcts which gives eyes milky or cloudy appearance. But cataracts leading to blindness is a sure sign of diabetes in canines.

11- Chronic skin infections:
Another common symptom in diabetic dogs is different chronic infections. Itchy dog skin or irritated skin might indicated that your is diabetic. Dog Fleas are also the other reason for dog with irritated skin. Its better to consult a vet and take care of your dog.

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  1. Tawana Rochester

    Our dog has lots of these symptoms thanks for the video. Great video but a little to fast to read

  2. Carl Johnson!

    M dog has
    2 symptoms
    Is he diabetic dog?
    1) long urination
    2) bad breath

    Anyone please tell me if he's a diabetic dog or not.

  3. Sheela Rathor

    I sad that my dog is diabetic now 🙁


    We went to the vet and my dog is diabetic then I saw this video and it’s true my dog is diabetic

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