Is the race to cure cancer fixed? | Decoded

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Hollywood actor @amrwaked investigates whether the pharmaceutical industry is hiding the
discovery of cheap and effective cures for cancer to keep raking in profits.

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  1. Jerome Johnson

    I think his view that getting cancer from nothing more than just living long enough is a bit narrow.. with out something to trigger it.. be it solar radiation, eating or breathing something that trigger the on set of cancer cells an such… But not just because you're alive.. when a body( accumulate) so much( trash) an other foreign matter it reacts to it thus cancer… But without the above trash/ foreign cause or effect . basically information from biomedical gerontologist AUBREY DE GREY AND EDITOR in chief of rejuvenation research. The world's highest- impact peer reviewed journal an several hundred other connected researchers found that cancers are stoppable.

  2. E Totten

    B 17 A Vitamin IS The Cure For Cancer B 17 Vitamin Is Found Only In Apple Seeds and Apricot Kernals

  3. CoDe_{Kanga}

    Very good series Al Jazeera. I love watching Amr, he is a great presenter and a nice format to the show.
    These topics in the episodes could certainly push out to 45 mins +.

  4. Richard Ohaletse

    I don't entirely trust that David guy

  5. Richard Ohaletse

    Stop eating bullshit, get back to herbs. Most foods are not good. Big pharma has time and time exposed itself not to be trusted, it can be anything. We live in a cruel world. Isn't modern medical science linked to some Rockefeller creations

  6. Bibbi Bibbi

    I don’t believe dr Grimes.There is a lot of money in this. Microwave do cause cancer….

  7. yes one

    the us army uses depleted uranium on the bombs the drop on the arab world

  8. yes one

    all the corporations cause cancer in course of operation, carcinogens are produced

  9. D Tv 415

    Fun fact. The words Conspiracy theory was made up in US by CIA. If am correct. Fishy…

  10. Ty Bread

    Burzynski's cure is not 100%, but I would say it's probably on the right path. The issue they had with this guy was how much he charges. $5,000 to $9,000 a month for treatment. No one who is trying to cure anything is asking for that much. He is a scam artist.

  11. Abdun Noor

    Let me ask you who gives you money to spent your time and effort doing these interviews and video?

  12. beja apu

    If you read the book Chris Beat Cancer, by Chris Wark, you'll see that countless people have cured their cancer with God's pure vegetable and fruit juices and whole vegan foods. The knowledge is suppressed because pharma can't make any money off it.


    I sincerely appreciate you Dr osaye, and you do have my full trust,you should be heard around the world , and you have a way of speach that entices me,thank you so much for curing my type two cancer I had thought would never end

  14. Todd Russell

    I was hoping you mention using frequency and vibration to break down the walls of the cancer cells. Or is that such a myth you didn't feel the need to talk about it?


    i saw fit celebrity ,famous people with good food ,exercise but still gets cancer
    so…we have to leave it to the god…right…and who created it by the way …suddenly came or lab modified


    cancer percentage in America ?
    because their google in not sayin specific answer

  17. ArchbishopCorrineSheemaAmenenYahyahSalessie Turk

    Your Spirit ….Sir…is Greatest and I can see whom you are…

  18. ArchbishopCorrineSheemaAmenenYahyahSalessie Turk

    All Praise to the Most High Yahweh

  19. ArchbishopCorrineSheemaAmenenYahyahSalessie Turk

    Many Millions of people fear these Evil Governments and Wealthy people…I don't….Come Let us get the Work done…I am standing with you…

  20. ArchbishopCorrineSheemaAmenenYahyahSalessie Turk


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