Is Oatmeal Good For Diabetics? (Or Does It Cause Blood Sugar Spikes?)

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Oatmeal contains carbs. So is it good or bad for diabetics?


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Oatmeal has been touted as a nutritious breakfast option. But with its high carb amount, will it cause blood sugar spikes?

1) The oat, or AVENA SATIVA, is a cereal grain, and it can be rolled, crushed, or steel-cut to create the final oatmeal product. Oats are loaded with protein, vitamins, and dietary fiber.

2) 1 cup of oatmeal contains between 145 and 215 calories, and it supplies 5.75 grams of beneficial protein – a higher amount than most other grains.

3) Oats supply beneficial nutrients, including magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, folate, and vitamin B1, which has been shown to help reduce high blood pressure, lower blood sugar, and improve insulin levels.

4) Oatmeal also supplies polyphenol antioxidants called AVENANTHRAMIDES, anti-inflammatory compounds which can help to decrease blood pressure.

5) Oats contain BETA-GLUCAN, a soluble fiber which can slow the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.

6) Avoid INSTANT oats, as they’ll have a higher glycemic index than traditional oats, and they’ll most likely be loaded with added sugars and unhealthy preservatives.

7) Avoid adding excessive amounts of full-fat milk, sugary additives, and dried fruits. They will all raise the calorie, carb, and sugar amount of your bowl of oatmeal.

8) For a healthy but flavorful addition, try a sprinkling of cinnamon. This sweet spice may reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, aid in blood sugar regulation, and improve brain functionality.

9) It’s important to pair your oatmeal or other carb-heavy foods with a small amount of lean protein or healthy fats. They can help your system slow digestion and the introduction of glucose into the bloodstream.

10) If you suffer from high blood sugar, it’s best to limit your portion size of both oats and milk, and it’s important to monitor your blood sugar levels both before and after your meal.

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Is oatmeal good for diabetes? We’re answering that question today, and I want to know your thoughts down in the comments section.

Welcome to my diabetes cooking channel! Today we’re talking about oatmeal, and I’ll show you how my oatmeal recipe does with my blood sugar. We’ll test both my Freestyle Libre sensor, as well as my blood reading to see what the glucose spike looks like.

We will also talk about portions for oatmeal, how to prepare oats best so your blood sugar spike is as minimal as possible, and other factors for the spike.

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Recipe for these oats:
1/2 cup of no added sugar quick oats
1 cup of 2% milk
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 strawberry – diced
Dash of cinnamon
50g total carbohydrates (no bolus).

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  1. Chicky

    I’ve learned from experience that it’s a resounding NO! And I don’t even LIKE sweet oatmeal, and definitely not the mushy quick cook stuff. I grew up eating the slow cooked oats, more like grits with butter and salt. But sadly, no more. 😫😭

  2. MaribellaArabello

    I think I'm going to make more oatmeal from now on. Great channel!

  3. Truther Asitis

    Oats have no nutrients and spikes blood sugar.

  4. Eva Garguena

    Thanks for sharing, the "Don'ts" most especially. On my second month of monitoring my FBS and keeping notes on my daily intake. The tips you've shared are of big help…. GrandMa Eva from the Philippines.,😍


    It does because it is carbohydrates.Carbs can turn into glucose in our body and its really bad to the person with diabetes.Low carb diet is the key to fix diabetes,just try it

  6. Rosey Annette

    It is great to tell your experience, your opinion, your thoughts and ideas. What is REALLY important is: ALWAYS defer to your health care professional! If someone gives themselves too much insulin, it CAN be deadly! TALK with your doctor, specialist, PA (more and more of these now days), or whatever trained licensed professional you are seeing. If you are not comfortable with that person is telling you and prescribing for you, then seek a second opinion from another trained, licensed professional. PLEASE DO NOT take medical advise from anyone who is NOT trained, licensed, educated or experienced w/diabetes. It is great to hear what has worked for others, however we are all individuals and "One Size does NOT fit all" – we all are different and many folks have comorbidities beyond diabetes and those other ailments could interfere with your diabetes treatment, therefore PLEASE follow THIS advise: ASK YOUR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL it is YOUR life and I want to be sure you are LIVING it, not dyeing due to bad advise from a layman. Please Be Safe, Happy, Healthy, and most important: Be Kind – Kindness Counts.

  7. John Bielenda

    Do overnight oats and add a good tasting whey protein powder with almond milk, unsweetened.

  8. Michael D

    I just didn't like the constant showing of the stuck bloody finger…….

  9. Brigitte De Charmoy Lablache

    Hi I eat oatmeal everyday but I don't cook it I just pour soya milk and eat it with a yogurt is it good.

  10. Alvar Veiga lima

    Maybe so but the dose is about 30 grams a day not 500 like some people lol


    No matter what kind of oats, it still spikes my blood sugar. My nutritionist wanted to argue with me about this, but it does. There’s no perfect model that works for everyone. You have to figure it out on your own.

  12. Margaret Belcher Rudd

    My type 2 Diabetes experience was a very difficult one for so many years before I finally came to know about Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my diabetes disease with his natural herbs medication which I got from him.

  13. John Herbie

    This is a great channel with in depth information that is simply invaluable. Unfortunately the carb content of many of the products reviewed is quoted in ridiculously low serving sizes. For example 15 grams of carbs in a 1/3 cup serving size is simply not relevant to many of us as we are not 95 pounds body weight.

  14. NaYawkr

    Eat Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal, and add light cream (unlike low fat milk, there is NO SUGAR in light Cream), add Splenda to taste.

  15. NaYawkr

    Too much time telling us what they;re gonna tell us, I moved on.

  16. gg g

    not to the point and short for a common man

  17. Gary Katzenmaier

    the only thing that matters is blood testing

  18. Better Days Coming

    What can I sweeten it with?

  19. Val Brideau

    I eat oatmeal everyday is that beneficial

  20. Progressive Truth Seekers

    Terrible for insulin resistance. Stay away from Oatmeal!

  21. Boomerang

    Thanks for your video (very helpful). How often do you eat oatmeal and how much? What do you put in your oatmeal?

  22. Kim Galla

    I don't even buy instant oatmeal anymore. Oats, finely Chopped apple, banana, or maybe berries and pumpkin pie spice. In the summer, it's peaches. Depending on the fruit, I add peanut butter.

  23. Giorgio Diz

    You are ignorant about how insuline works. You got more than 30 point rise, that is a spike! and it is not good at all. Oatmeal is shit.

  24. Nelly Wolf

    Hi Mila, great video and greetings from a type 1 diabetic. For best results only use steal cut oats that have been soaked for 24 hours, as instant and quick oats have a very high glycemic load ;).

  25. Oscar Jacobsen

    Add cinnamon to your oatmeal.

  26. Forged Not Cast

    Unfortunately you ruined the test by adding the strawberries. I still don't know if oatmeal raises your blood sugar.

  27. Sobia Nazir

    your blood sugar was 113 i was wondering if you are even diabetic. what was that reading. Kindly share. I am glad that after eating that bowl you still had a reading of 147. I hope you do not take insulin ? I am currently working on bringing down my a1c. which was 9.6 last time. I had oatmeal today and I was not doing so great. Kind a shocked ? Thx

  28. Kay Blanco

    Thanks for the video can toy start showing your readings at the 1hr and 2hr mark. Your 2hr reading was at 140 on the scan and the finger prick is 147 meaning that it was a high spike .

  29. Gavin Foster

    Its important to know when you spike. With me its at the one hour mark. After two hours I'm on my way down. I keep my sugars under 120 after one hour. By the way I'm a type 2.

  30. Big Ol'Baddie

    Good to know I miss oatmeal lol now I’m wondering about cream of wheat 🤔

  31. CountessExplosivo

    Thank you for all your videos. You are always helpful and fun to watch.

  32. Wellington's Boots

    Thank you Mila this was good. I try and have oats for breakfast every day so it's good to know they're OK. I get sick of pricking my fingers, so Genteel may be worth thinking about.

  33. Peppermint Woman

    Thank you so much! I make overnight oats! I mix gluten free oats, cashews, dates and chia seeds, makes for a filing breakfast indeed

  34. Ross Wagner

    Thank you for doing this video, I love oatmeal also. I was thinking it would not be a good food for me that’s why I was excited to see you were going to do a video on it. Also congratulations on a sponsor!

  35. Genteel Lancing Device

    You make those oats look so good 😩

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