Is LIFETIME FITNESS Worth It? | My Review

Is LIFETIME FITNESS Worth It? | My Review
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Is LIFETIME FITNESS Worth It? | My Review

What you get as a Lifetime Fitness member and is it worth the price?

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  1. Learned Foolishness

    This is actually a spot on review. I hesitantly joined my local Lifetime about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, after my previous gym shutdown, my options were an LA Fitness for $29 a month (I think that's what it was) or Lifetime. Everything else was too far away. While I didn't like the idea of paying so much for a gym, I gave it a shot and really like Lifetime. That said, shortly before COVID hit I was starting to wonder whether it was worth it since I was only doing cardio there. At the end of last year I decided to try the group fitness classes and now that's pretty much all I do – I do yoga, strength classes, and cardio throughout the week and they're phenomenal. I actually think Lifetime is a great value for what I get now.

    If all you do at the gym is jump on a treadmill or elliptical then no, it's not worth it. But if you value nice locker rooms and group fitness classes then it's great. That said, I'm 50 years old and fairly wealthy. If I were younger I would not spend that much on a gym.

  2. Dracapella Deetz

    I don't blame you for losing it at that woman. She was a bitch! There are some complete dicks that go to Lifetime. I've never heard of a Bronze or an Onyx level club. The one I was in, that was the nearest to me, until they opened the one I go to now which is nearer, is a Diamond club. They opened a new one here in May this year and its really nice as it's new. You're right when you say LT is good for families (we don't have any kids and don't look like your average gym goer as you can see from my profile pic) but the equipment is excellent and it's nice to be able to go there without being stared at by all the gym bros that I get everywhere else. 😊

  3. Shervin Shares

    So valuable! Insider Life Time info. I just joined the new NYC Diamond clubs (supposedly they're adding "Diamond Signature" now?!) – they're much smaller in NYC and don't offer the size/status of amenities you might get in the suburbs

  4. The Allure Family

    I go to a lifetime gym and it's a wealthy area family package about 119 a month

  5. mko

    Thanks for the awesome review of the gym, and I'm sorry that you had to deal with a Karren like that. I know how that feels.

  6. Patriot News

    Lifetime used to be the bomb back in the day, now it's and overcrowded and disorganized mess

  7. Anon Ymoose

    Great review. You presented yourself well. I suspect that the levels are meant to segregate who can enter a particular club by wealth. Wealth is equated to class. So it a "classier" person wants to downgrade themselves and enter a lower class gym, then that is on them. However, noooooobody who pays for a diamond level gym is going to want the peasants of the bronze level gyms to be among them. That simple. You either just have to live with it or join a gym where people can be financially diverse, yet still mingle. Fortunately, I am a member of a gym built in the 80's where class rules haven't come out yet. Some upscale corporate franchise gyms have tried to penetrate the market where I live but they have gone down in flames and LA Fitness won't even come here. The problem for me with Lifetime Fitness is not the price, it is that it just has way too much going on that I would never even use. I have to work 8 – 10 hours a day like most other people, which leaves about 1.5 – 2 hours that I could work out at Lifetime about 4 -5 days a week and then I have to or want to participate in other typical life activities that would keep me out of the gym. If I join a Lifetime, it will be when I am retired and can basically just live there working out while building an extensive social scene.


    Is this the burr ridge in Illinois?

  9. Andre C

    Can you please make your face red?

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