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My Review of LA Fitness and a Tour of LA Fitness.

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  1. Anthony Porreca

    Was it a black guy that was doing it buddy that was singing out loud I’ll bet it was fuckers

  2. Alexander Silva

    I go to YouFit where people sit on machines and don’t do shit ☺️

  3. ATS

    I work at an LA Fitness. The rates described in this video was very off. It’s cheaper most of the time for even signature rates

  4. Lightning wolf

    LA is trash pay the extra money if you want a good positive environment,plus the cheaper gyms are always packed.

  5. Mr. J1S

    ball court and sauna is the only thing keeps me paying 40 a month in NY

    lifetime and equinox cost over double that price. but the gym equipment is definitely better at equinox

  6. Ian 273

    Honda Accord is most luxorius! And it will last 5x longer than that merc

  7. Mark Stein

    I don't pay. My Medicare plan covers it as with most gym chains.

  8. N O

    If you’re trying to decide between LA fitness an Planet Fitness, LA is the way to go for the pool alone.

  9. Maurice Taylor

    Pop that bitch put my team onnnnnnn 😂😂😂

  10. Corona and Lyme

    Idk if the edge fitness is nationwide but here in CT they charge similar to planet fitness. 20 a month for any gym with tanning etc. They have a shake bar, great machines, classes, and a cardio movie theater that plays recent movies everyday. The edge is not expensive but is a great gym. I've been to LA in the past as a guest and it wasn't too bad I guess. Idk 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. T W

    Your opinion is right

    More workshop more people can speak about how to improve communication at gym( charity projects hanger projwct from

  12. Dom 777

    How are the free weights there? Do they have a good squat rack? And multiple at that ?

  13. David Serna

    Bro you can compare Honda and Mercedes fuck outta here

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