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RICH CELENZA sits down to do an interview with TRE COOPER who is the operations manager for the LA Fitness in Frisco, Texas. Rich and Tre not only talk about all the benefits of joining LA Fitness but also talk about all the different style gyms all over North America.

There are more gyms now than ever and most are offering incredible workout facilities for the money. People need to realize that a lot of gyms are willing to work out plans that are affordable. People need to stop being intimidated when going to the gym and realize that one of the best investments they can make is investing in a gym, especially if they are looking for long term health.

This interview was shot at the LA Fitness located at 9190 TX-121, Frisco, TX 75035 and the website is

00:00 – Is esporta and LA Fitness the same?
00:38 – Is LA Fitness now called esporta?
01:09 – Is LA Fitness in financial trouble?
01:38 – Is LA Fitness a good gym?

Laura S. Harris (2021, September 15.) Is esporta and LA Fitness the same?


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  1. Yara Viera

    I live in Cutler Bay Florida it's really convenient for home. Thanks for keeping it open

  2. serg camargo

    Can I use my la membership for esports fitness

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