Is Getting A 24hr Gym Membership Worth It For Van Life

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Where do you shower? Is getting a 24hr gym membership worth it for van life. There is a lot of conveniences of having the 24 hour membership but when you travel there is a lot of inconveniences. #vanlife #anytimefitness #planetfitness #vandwelling

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  1. Thomas Stillman

    24 hr.has fresh towels and shampoo.

  2. Thomas Stillman

    Totally worth it ! A real life saver!
    And they are everywhere! 🤫

  3. Susan Cheverall

    You making the full transition into van life. Independent!

  4. Beautiful Dis8tr

    I’m late to the party I know 😂🤣😂🤣 but I switched to anytime fitness because being a van lifer the private bathroom was a huge plus!!!!! It wasn’t bad at the other gym however, being able to go into a bathroom and take my time was great. It gave me a “home” feel. I can color my hair, shower and all without the peep show flimsy shower curtain, the side by side sinks or public locker that you get dressed/undressed in view. And that was important to me.

  5. Rob Wright

    How about working out in the gym?


    some anytime fitness offer free coffee and you could hop on a treadmill of bike and watch a tv show or two .. free wifi.. i know a guy who lives in his car and in the winter time he'll belong to a snap fitness which has private changing rooms and will go in a 12am and sleep until 5am on the floor..

  7. Matt B

    No, most people do not need to shower every day. I think it is just something that has been a culture thing to do. I have gone many weeks where I would shower for instance Wednesday after noon, go to work for 4 hours that night, do things Thursday and might now shower until Friday morning, after noon. It really depends on what you do and how well you clean yourself.

  8. Safety Socks

    I dont have a membership currently and im not moving atm and so im lucky to shower once a week. but I plan on moving soon and while likely get a membership

  9. Iedda Harrington

    Cost per use is very important. Thank u for sharing insight to help us make a more informed decision. I’m loving your channel.

  10. Celeigh (seeley)

    I think if you stay in the same area for a while, it might be worth it.

  11. Ann's Tiny Life and Homestead

    Geez Chrome every time I search for something I need to know for vanlife your videos are at the top of the list. I've been weighing joining Planet Fitness and Anytime fitness. I went and checked them both out today. Anytime fitness is more expensive but you're right, their shower facilities are way better than Planet Fitness.

  12. Luis Gomez

    Hell yeah its worth it. Better paying a low monthly membership than paying rent or hotel stays.

  13. Gail TheWriterStuff Johnson

    We shower way too much. Bird baths with a couple of showers a week is plenty. As long as you're not walking about funky. LOL!

  14. Tawana Jackson

    Your lifestyle is kind of like a Trucker. I was a Trucker for years and my husband still is. We always said we had a motel on wheels lol. The only difference between us is you can park anywhere and we sometimes have to search for a spot.

  15. Rebecca Treeseed

    I like the idea, sorta, cuz a shower feels good.
    Because I am allergic to tetanus and I like walking in the woods … to protect from scratches I have made spearmint tea in a spritzer for 50 years and "bathe" in it before and after hiking. No tetanus. But also clean and sweet smelling, plus I haven't used lotions to fix soap damage on my skin for years. Dropped a major expense. I have purchased Peppermint tea also, and I grow spearmint in a pot.
    I don't like the contraptions for showers, hassle! I have not showered for six months, losing the habit.
    I will be more likely to be out in the woods or at a lake anyway.

  16. Nancy Raney-Rogers

    Buy a big kahuna portable shower and shower in your van. You can get 5 gal 8 gal or 13 gal. They sell them on Amazon, Wal-Mart ECT. You can have a nice warm shower everyday. Get a large plastic container and hang a shower Curtin from a hook on your ceiling use pvc pipe to make the shower curtin rod in the shape of the tub. In a low van you may want a shower stool.

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