Is a signed photo of Greg Lemond 1989 cycling championship worth anything?

Is a signed photo of Greg Lemond 1989 cycling championship worth anything?
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Is a signed photo of Greg Lemond 1989 cycling championship worth anything?

Wondering if your signed photo of Greg Lemond from the 1989 cycling championship holds value? Unearth its worth now! Is a signed photo of Greg Lemond 1989 cycling championship worth anything?

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Retro TT Vs Modern Superbike 2: Is Greg LeMond's Old Bike Faster?!

Recently we tested a retro time trial bike against a modern superbike, and rather unsurprisingly the superbike easily won. But what about a bike just a few years newer, a TT bike with the latest innovation, the tri bar? We borrowed one of Greg LeMond’s retro TT bike to find out whether that bike can finally beat a modern superbike!

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What did you think the result would be? Let us know in the comments!👇

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  1. Global Cycling Network

    Which of these bikes would you choose to ride?

  2. Alan Downey

    '89 was the greatest tour. Thing is, (and taking nothing away from Greg, a childhood hero of mine) I don't think Lemond was as strong as Fignon in that race. He was in better shape in '86 and '90 – and in '85 when he gave way to Hinault under team orders (he should have won that tour). On Bastille Day PDM attacked the peleton in the feed zone during a cross wind. Fignon lost the plot and went on a break with Mottet for about 50 kms. I remember watching it live – the yellow jersey attacking off the front on a flat stage! They were caught and Fignon obviously expended a lot of energy. Two days later he rode poorly in a mountain TT, losing 47 seconds to Lemond. It think he lost the tour there and not on the Champs Elsyee. Fignon was third on that final stage and only bested by Lemond and Thierry Marie, a specialist TT'er. It wasn't just TT bars either. Fignon wore no aero helmet and had a saddle sore. Imagine sitting in that position with an ulcer… If he had ridden to form in the mountain TT he could have won the tour. What a warrior. RIP Laurent.

  3. Ron Bell

    In retrospect, why didn't they use bar-end shifters to move the shifting up to the bars? That tech was definitely available.

  4. Gerhard W.

    Hearing the summary it is clear that the 'old' aerobike did not fit – Ollie mentioned the hip angle and the knees hitting his chest.
    Right from the start both last precious time because of the gearing of the old bike.
    The time difference clearly shows that Simon as an ex-pro just concentrated on the ride and time while the doctor was distacted with aero calculations.
    I believe there is more potential in the old bike with shorter crankarms, modern wheels with updated tires & latex inner tubes, higher but narrower aerobars etc.
    Keep up the interesting work!

  5. Kevin Buja

    Ooooh man, Campy Delta brakes. What a colossal nightmare.

  6. Thomas Ball

    GREAT EPISODE!!!! Great Music! Great Sound Design! Cheers mates!

  7. maze200sx

    I think the old bike is quite fast. I wonder if that style of handlebar would still give a good advantage on modern aero-bikes?

  8. Fernando Casoy

    Video paid by Canyon bikes…

  9. Dave Hause

    @14:10 actually, LeMond first used the aerobars to win 1989's TdF Stage 5 ITT.

  10. John Lee

    Question what’s a superbike ?? Never herd of them

  11. Branko Dodig

    Ollie looks like he could really use narrower bars yet on that Canyon with the way his wrists are turned inside out. Probably a lot of the performance difference is in the tires, though. Lovely vid, anyway.

  12. Nelson Lopez

    I need a handle bar like that in greg lemonds’ bike, i have tt bike with flat handlebar

  13. minhaokuo

    Which one is "faster" between the two

  14. dubmob151

    They could rig up an electric motor for undeniably equal power input to do the comparison. Humans are too variable parts of the equation 🙃

  15. Sean sims

    HEY YA GOT GENX RAISED BY BOOMERS FANS HERE SO WHAT FOR 80S 90S AMERICAN ROCK ?!?! YOU BRITS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAITE SNAKE AND DEF LEP … of course I like both but nevermind that. I'm in Seattle so I get to say , you really don't know how it went…80s begot grunge to answer for the arena rock era that brits started and LA copied. ……thank goodness. And JH blew the minds of Clapton and Beck in London prior to that …some peeps parents would not have came together if not for , so channeling 90s american rock should meen something endearing!!! I'm just saying

  16. Jacyris

    Would someone care to give me some mountain bike components? I'd like to build a bicycle. Any feature of a mountain bike can be useful.

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