Intermittent Fasting Diet Hacks (Top 6) | Jason Fung

Intermittent Fasting Diet Hacks (Top 6) | Jason Fung
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Intermittent Fasting Diet Hacks (Top 6) | Jason Fung

Hacks are quick tricks to make a fasting diet easier, and I present my top 6 hacks as well as my #1 Rule for Fasting. Always be safe while fasting. There is always another day to fast, so if you are not feeling like it’s quite right, then you should stop fasting and get some help. Hacks can make fasting diets a lot more successful and let you lose weight. Check out my blog at

More Information:

The Obesity Code – Reviewing underlying physiology of weight loss and how low carb diets and fasting can help.

The Diabetes Code – Reviewing how type 2 diabetes is a reversible disease and dietary strategies.

The Cancer Code – Scientific exploration of how cancer develops –

Canada –

**Fasting Aids**
Pique Fasting Tea (recommended)

Fasting Community and Coaching:

YouTube Medical Lectures (for specialist physicians):

1. The Roots of the Obesity Epidemic –
2. Therapeutic Fasting – The Two Compartment Problem:​​
3. Does Calorie Counting work?​​
4. Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes –
5. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Naturally –
6. Insulin Toxicity –​​
7. Saturated Fat – Friend or Foe?
8. Diet and Disease –
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11. Role of Hormones in Weight Loss –
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  1. Futurist Dreamer

    You should have indented "Vinegar" – it looked like you were suggesting "Apple Cider" and "Vinegar"

  2. Renee

    I don’t understand the “three 36 hour fast in three days.” Wouldn’t that be a 72 hour fast?

  3. Missy Belle

    Eating carbs and I’m constantly hangry (hungry angry) and need to eat every 2-3 hours. On keto, I loose my appetite and intermittent fasting is easy. Around lunch time when I start to feel a little faint, I know that means I physically need to eat. So I eat. Then nothing until around dinner time. I eat. Then repeat the next day. So easy. Could never fast if eating carbs.

  4. Low Carb

    Hi! Dr. Jason Fung, how can I maintain my desired weight, I am on an Intermittent fasting 18/6 sometimes 16/8 , observing low carb & sweets, I keep on losing weights, I am worried, my weight is 102 lbs. from 120 lbs. 4'11" in height. But I feel great no pains & inflammation, I am 62 yrs. Old.

  5. Ali

    why you take a deep sigh after each sentence??

  6. Link

    After 7 months of pretty consistent ADF, my 36 hr, fasting morning headache is getting severe enough to stop me doing anything much other than break my fast. I wonder if age (58) regular fasting and weight loss has actually made my body less efficient at converting fat into glucose? I was overweight but not obese and I’m now within the ‘normal’ weight range. Is my body telling me to stop prolonged fasting? I’m careful with carb intake, but not on a keto diet & I break my fast with protein (boiled eggs) I drink plenty of water on fast days, and crunch on a few bits of rock salt and occasionally get down some fairly disgustingly milky ‘keto’ electrolyte powder. Headaches would seem to be a pretty clear indicator of protest.

  7. Pothi K

    3 x 36 hours fast per week can be considered as an additional tip / hack as well.

  8. BRL: Braille Reading Literacy

    So what if your doc. dont listen to you??

    What then??

  9. Aya Mi Si

    How do I lose the lower belly fat?

  10. sifu64

    friend who has T2 told me about Dr Fung. I'm not diabetic, but got long covid (4 months) which revealed some changes I needed to make. Lost 30lbs – no more HBP, apnea, shortness of breath, anxiety, aches- even stopped sweating profusely doing yard work or working out. All my PCP offered me was medication. I also liked Dr Jamnadas- Cardiologist lectures (he mentions Dr Fung- would love to see them have a discussion). When asked- I tell people- I'm not dieting, just rediscovered (through Dr Fung) a lifestyle and demonized food that many of us older people have "forgotten". As a child in the late 1960's thru 70's. People didn't eat all of the time and we moved a lot more.- obesity was an anomaly- not the norm.

  11. 산드라

    Thank you Dr. Fung! i have lost 2kg in 2weeks by doing 20:4. I was a sugar addict. I cut all the sugars and carbs in my food except rice ,i eat 1/2 cup a day with 2 servings of veggie and meat at 1:30pm,my dinner would be at 6pm after work with 2 boiled eggs or 1 sweet potato.

  12. Graham Edwards

    I had some green tea at 4pm and didn't need to eat till next morning. I was quite surprised..!!

  13. old biker

    I would rather fast for two weeks , than eat hospital food for 2 weeks lol

  14. Mad Dog

    What about bulletproof coffee or straight coffee, does it work as a hack or myth?

  15. Alice Hope - Support For Parents of ROGD Teens

    Great video. Thank you

  16. Matt G G

    Oh man, I just quit again. I do 20-4 fasting. I lose like 10lbs and then I stop losing weight for a couple days and I get annoyed and quit. I don’t even suffer really doing it.

  17. sunshine

    I eat the same meal everyday with some exercise but after 1 week of fasting (16:8) my weight got stalled… what should i do to start losing weight again?

  18. Joshi Dipak

    I am very common man so I have no ability for preparing any survey. But Sir. You should get information about Jain community of Ibdia. Many people fasting in this community from 8 days to month or two mobths. During mibth fasting they even do regular job. Last year in Mumbai 500 people have fasted for month. Even saints of these aect heal themselves by fasting.

  19. Ms Ladylalae

    Jesus fasted for 40 days & 40 nights.
    🙏. 🇺🇲. ❤️

  20. Stuart Fretwell

    Good luck Linda reversed my diabetes in 9 weeks good luckxx

  21. Sonicz Forever

    A fast put me off overeating as often did 400 cal fast for two days as I have bradycardia very low heartrate would not be safe to do a 24 hour fast. I started feeling too warm when I ate much after that. I ate less after that. If I overheat will cut calories down.

  22. Leib33

    So… he actually didn't define what is intermittent fasting. Waste of time, I didn't need a history or philosophy lesson.

  23. Marlene Naidoo

    I started fasting about a month ago and have already lost 4kg, blood results show triglycerides is 1.4 and I have so much more energy. Excellent Doc. THANK YOU. MARLENE.

  24. beauxmimi77

    Fasting is B.S.!!!! Extreme behavior AND they just did a medical study and found that it likely does not help with weight loss–people may initially lose weight because they are cramming all of their eating into a certain block of time–and therefore NOT EATING as much food so it may result in weight loss–but the fasting portion of the equation is not necessary as it is possible to simply eat less and move more and lose weight…. starving yourself or fasting is not required! Stop trying to sell us your "expertise"…. you must be a crummy Dr. if you have to make money off of people's fear of being fat! Just eat healthy whole foods with portion control and learn to exercise regularly and you will lose weight without all of the fad dieting.

  25. C Me

    Well a study just came out. Intermittent fasting is bullshit.

  26. MoZarab

    Ummm virtually forgotten? nearly a 3rd of the world does it every year for a month!

  27. QTS Deals

    Ibnu Seena is father of moder medicine, and it was his quote, if you don't eat food like a medicine, you have to eat medicine like a food

  28. Seven 7

    During Ramadan Muslims eat more than not fasting months, why because Muslims are hypocrite, a hell religion

  29. Don Carnley

    I love this video I'm so glad to see it being made, however the Dr forgot something important how about those who cannot fast due to a physical issue ( diabetes etc, ) or any other medical condition

  30. Jyoti Bhatoa

    God bless u a lot 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  31. WhovianForever

    I always thought fasting was hard. The first time I went to fast for 16 hours it was miserable. Then I got used to and pushed it to 18, then to 20 and so on and so forth. My longest ever at this point is a 39 hour fast. One of these days I’ll work my way up to a 72 hour fast. But for now, I’ll stick with the occasional 24 hour fast.

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