Insulin Resistance Diet Plan (What to Eat to REVERSE Insulin Resistance!)

Insulin Resistance Diet Plan (What to Eat to REVERSE Insulin Resistance!)
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Insulin Resistance Diet Plan (What to Eat to REVERSE Insulin Resistance!)

Here is a 3-day meal plan to help you reverse insulin resistance! Insulin resistance affects over 75% of the population and can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, PCOS and more. By following this insulin resistance diet plan you can reverse the resistance and improve your health! 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

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0:00 Intro
1:29 What is insulin resistance
3:10 How to reverse insulin resistance
4:20 Low fat diet vs low carb diet
5:26 Insulin resistance meal plan


Signs you are insulin resistant
How to reverse visceral fat
What causes PCOS


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  1. Christy

    Kait.. Ive never heard of these noodles.. im wondering what they are made from.. i will have to google.. if we struggle with PCOS or insulin resistance what other kind o f noodle is best to use? rice noodle/ wheat/ flour/ so many noodles i suppose.. brown rice noodle

  2. Erica Stevens

    Can I use heavy cream on bullet proof coffee instead of oil

  3. roseanne c

    N can i ask where you purchase the purple spoon/spatula n the burger press??

  4. roseanne c

    is it tomato sauce w/o sugar…i see some with sugar

  5. Tricia Kaplan

    I entered my email address but never received a meal plan email from you. I think the link may not be working.

  6. A.D. ROSS

    That study doesn't mean that low carb is better than low-fat. Fat increases insulin resistance blocking the cells from getting insulin. NO mention of poly-unsaturated fats. Increasing fat is NOT the answer. Lowering carbs increases stress and lowers the body's glucose level which lowers energy giving a person no motivation to go the gym and be active!

  7. O Love

    What If you are not supposed to do keto due to the thyroid needing carbs to convert t4 to t3? What do you recommend if you CANNOT cut carbs.

  8. D'SILVA

    Trying these meal plans 🤔☕💯⭐
    Looks yummy! My gut bugs are finally cooperating after starving them from sugar and carbs. But also training and testing myself to cycle small amount of good carbs (2 Tblspn Blueberries, 1-2 slice Fermented Sourdough a week). With strength training, I'm able to burn carbs faster and giving my gut a small treat. 💪
    Interesting that too much protein can also convert to sugar 😵‍💫 so it's a balance game 🎯

  9. Loa Lane

    my grandma she protine shakes only thing eats just veggies and salads fruit my name is heather ha

  10. Alexis Tansinsin

    Maam how do you address the uric problems in this meals advance thx for the reply

  11. Ritchy Rich

    My pancreas and I thank you….

  12. Isabel Morales

    Hey!! I have T2 Diabetes & recently found out I'm pregnant. My levels are uncontrolled & even with the prescribed insulin, my levels just don't seem to be where it's supposed to be…. can you do a video with pregnancy safe recipes & snacks. I'm on 3 meals, 3 snacks a day. Breakfast & snacks being up to 15g of carbs. Lunch & Dinner with 30g of carbs!! It'll really help out!!! Thank youuuuu

  13. Anna

    I would need 3 of those meals to feel full… I don't eat unhealthy, I just eat a lot, like 5 eggs and 2 heads of broculy with a liter of water is my normal breakfast…

  14. Aman Singh

    Thanks for this video…..please keep it up making such wonderful video..

  15. Nengi Horsfall

    Thanks for this lovely video I thought ketchup was bad ?

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