Insulin Plant – Nature’s Own Diabetes Medicine

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Lots of research has been conducted to check the diabetes-controlling effect of this insulin plant: 17 different studies have been carried out on animals and animal tissue. These studies have shown that extracts from the leaves of the insulin plant successfully reduced blood glucose levels.

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Insulin Plant – Nature’s Own Diabetes Medicine

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  1. anna ndungu

    What a great surprise to me that I was cured from herpes virus by a powerful herbal Dr. Ikpoko on YouTube.

  2. The PofferFish

    Is ginger good for diabetics?

  3. Rosine Bromfield

    What is the name of the plant?

  4. Rosine Bromfield

    How could I get this plant?

  5. aurelie audot

    My daughter drinks lots of water and urinates with the same rate, there are no other symptoms to show if those have anything to do with diabetes. This is a good information that I have gone through Diabets.Care She is 2 years 9 months, hale and healthy, have not done any blood test. But I am not certain if one can get diabetes at such a tender age. Please I will like to know more on that


    Very nice information & very good video.
    All types of plants are available here with all india home delivery service.

  7. Maria Luisa Magpayo

    Hi where can I buy this plant I have diabetis 2 can you tell me

  8. South & Central Florida Gardening Tips & Tricks

    We have Rhizomes and leaves , but we can ship only within the USA, I am in Florida.

  9. luis bito

    puerto rico naceen cerca delos rios yo la comia dela hoja cuando corria caballo en el monte e probado de montones natural medicina por eso en las isla y en los montes la gente dura mas que la gente dela cuidad

  10. Poniah Thasan

    INSULIN PLANT AVAILABLE IN CANADA:-. People living in Canada please contact me to buy insulin plants and Rhizomes in Canada. Reply to ""

  11. Carole St. louis

    Thank for your video. There are an array of plants out there to regulate blood sugar. But caution should be applied when taking them. I have known cases where people have died from dab aged liver using plants for a chronic illness in a daily basis.

  12. Birendra sinha

    Please mention the address to buy from. Every one explaining but no one giving the source and address of such nursery.

  13. Joe Lee

    Yes, palmitic acid [ aka hexadecanoic acid] is found in appreciable amounts in the leaves of the insulin plant – as high as 26% so beware of its potentially adverse effects on heart muscles, researchers warn us, as the heart muscles are already compromised in diabetics. However, this amount of palmitic acid [PA] is still not as high as that found in palm oil [45%] and butter [24%], cheese, milk and many other food items that one would gooble up every day, suggesting that the simple and automatic correlation of palmitic acid with heart issues is probably exaggerated. See the list at the link below. It's 64 pages long!!! and you'll be shocked to discover how ubiquitous and common PA is. Nature is not so stupid as to put it there and entrap us in a never ending cycle of heart disease. More likely, the reverse is the more believable scenario: it is probably there because it has some nutritional value to offer us, which science has not yet comprehended – fully. Similarly, we have been warned about the adverse effects of drinking coffee. Yet, I read only yesterday about a 63 yr old man who drinks 50 cups of coffee a day – no report of insomnia, mind you. He feels young and energetic, ironically.

    Foods High in Palmitic acid (1st – 20th) (per 100 g edible portion)

  14. Basudev Murmu

    I have this trees(insulin trees)

  15. Anil joseph

    If anybody need this plant i can give .. my phone number +918848066943 please contact

  16. ritac1985

    I need to buy this for my husband. Where can I buy it?

  17. Jyoti Rathi

    What is the name of this plant sir .

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