Insulin and Injections with Type 1 Diabetes

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In this video we explore the different types of insulin as well as the methods used to inject it into the body. Additionally, we take a look at procedures to help reduce the pain of injections and keep them safe and uninfected.

The Type 1 Diabetes Explained website can now be accessed at The old links in the videos ( etc.) will still work.

Please remember, this video is intended to help expand your knowledge of type 1 diabetes so you can better control your blood sugars and live a longer, fuller life with type 1. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. The techniques and information contained within this video may not be the best treatment for you. Please consult an endocrinologist or other licensed health professional to determine what techniques will best treat your diabetes. For more information, resources, activities, videos, articles, and the sources used in this video, please visit
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